Spider-Man and crew influence MARVEL Future Fight

Spider-Man and crew influence MARVEL Future Fight

Jul 6, 2017

Not too many Marvel superheroes pass by MARVEL Future Fight without getting pulled in, and iconic Web Slinger is no exception.

Netmarble’s hero-infused game is getting content and characters based upon the major motion picture Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is in theaters now.

Off the bat, we get two new uniforms and six new super-villains. There is also a special quest and a new quest pack.

And then… about those villains. Here’s the list:

● Sandman – A classic Spider-Man antagonist with the ability to transform himself into sand-like forms that he can manipulate and shape at will.

● Lizard – When he lost his right arm in an accident, Dr. Curt Connors experimented with reptilian limb generation. The serum he developed turned him into a beastly, lizard-like creature.

● Kraven the Hunter – As one of the world’s greatest hunters, he has honed his years of training and experience towards one goal: to hunt Spider-Man, the ultimate prey!

● Rhino – With a virtually impenetrable, rhinoceros-like armor bonded to his body, Rhino uses his massive strength and speed against his most troublesome adversary – Spider-Man!

● Mysterio – A Hollywood stunt man and special effects wizard turned Super Villain, who uses his holographic costume and deceptive illusions to deceive and antagonize Spider-Man.

● Vulture – With the help of a special suit with large wings, the Vulture possesses augmented strength and speed that allows him to take to the air at dizzying speeds to battle his arachnoid arch-nemesis.

This update is definitely sounds intriguing…

MARVEL Future Fight is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Gameloft and Marvel Announce Upcoming 3D Web-Runner Game Spider-Man Unlimited

Gameloft and Marvel Announce Upcoming 3D Web-Runner Game Spider-Man Unlimited

Jun 10, 2014

Gameloft has just announced an upcoming collaboration with Marvel in the name of Spider-Man: Unlimited. The game will be a 3D web-runner based on the iconic comic character.

The game promises to have all off the Spider-Man basics framed in New York, with the Formidable Sinister Six serving as main villains. According to the press release, different Spider-Man incarnations will also make appearances, and fans can play around with 23 of them. Other villains also show up.

Both Gameloft and Marvel are clearly excited about the group effort. “Gameloft is once again honored to be working with the timeless super-hero universes created by Marvel” says Karine Kaiser, Gaeloft’s VP Marketing & Licensing. “With Spider-Man Unlimited, players can expect a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man comics through an incredible narrative runner experience.”

“Gameloft has done a great job of creating a true to character Spider-Man experience for mobile gamers,” says Javon Frazier, Marvel VP of Games Marketing. “Fans of all ages will enjoy the endless action of running, swinging and fighting through villains across New York City.”

Spider-Man: Unlimited is due out on multiple platforms in the Fall of 2014.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem in 3D Preview

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem in 3D Preview

May 12, 2011

During a HTC event at Google I/O yesterday, Gameloft was showing off their 3D chops with Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. We got a short chance to take a look at a new game that Gameloft tailored to the new 3D capable Android handsets. Spider-Man was one of our favorite iOS games of recent memory from Gameloft. Soon it will be out on Android and in 3D if you have the right device.

The game itself is a comic book story where you play as Spider-Man, exploring multiple levels and fighting bosses. Inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man series of comics, the graphic style is sort of a merge of that and the original Spider-Man. You have over 20 fighting combos and moves. Controls are the standard thumb stick on the left, context aware action buttons on the right. Pretty standard for Gameloft games.

Take a look at the video from the iOS version for a good idea of the game and the gameplay. It obviously doesn’t show the 3D.

The 3D effect on the HTC Evo 3D was pretty spectacular, while less pronounced than 3D images or movies on the device. The 3D effect is reserved, but very well done and less distracting than what the 3DS offers. You really see the 3D when Spider-Man throws a criminal directly at the screen. Very nice.

We can expect Spider-Man 3D to ship either on the 3D devices or around the time they are released. Gameloft has not been specific on the matter, but this is one to keep an eye out for.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD and Let’s Golf! 2 HD Available for Android

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD and Let’s Golf! 2 HD Available for Android

Dec 24, 2010

Gameloft undoubtedly releases some of the best games available for Android, only thing is, they don’t release them into the Android Market!? Anyways, I’m not going to get into the whole Gameloft thing because I’ll have a coronary so let’s just move on. Just recently Gameloft added two more titles to their Android lineup: Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD and Let’s Golf! 2 HD. Both games are priced at $4.99 and only available via the Gameloft Store. Let’s take a quick peek at each one and then you can follow the links for more info.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD

In this one, the infamous Super Villains are trying to take over New York and disperse a poisonous virus. It’s Spidey’s job to stop this all-star cast of villains and protect his beloved city from total mayhem. Time is against you in this action packed 3D thriller full of top notch graphics and gameplay.