Friday Free App Rundown November 30 – Rope Games

Friday Free App Rundown November 30 – Rope Games

Nov 30, 2012

A rope is a simple thing yet has so many uses. This week’s pack of games all involve ropes. Some of the games in the list are about using the rope to swing while others use the rope to solve a puzzle. All of them are just plain fun.

Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk (Free)

Rope’n’Fly is a high flying game where the character swings from building to building, Spiderman style. After customizing the character and rope it’s time to get to swingin’. The gameplay physics are pretty good. When the little swinger falls or is flying through the air, there’s a cool ragdoll effect. To break up the building to building swings, the little man can also swing from balloons and passing planes.

Download Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk (Free)

Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a cute and fun physics-based game. In a similar way to its predecessor, cutting the ropes at the perfect time is the method to solve the puzzle. Help the cute little guy get from start to finish in the allotted time. Like most physics games, timing is essential.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE

Rope Rescue Free

Rope Rescue Free is a different kind of puzzle game than I’ve seen before. The little bird takes the rope and flies it around the gears then to the birdcage. The goal of the game is to free the little guys friend from the bird cages. Avoid the dangers by maneuvering the little bird around what looked to be razor blades floating in mid-air and other obstacles.

Download Rope Rescue Free

Rope Escape

The little guy in Rope Escape is swinging for his life. He stole an sacred artifact from some natives in the jungle and is trying to escape a swinging through the trees. Use ropes the rockets are just a from being caught. Latch onto a zeppelin and drag it down out of the sky for higher scores.

Download Rope Escape

Rope the Frog

The rope in Rope the Frog isn’t really a rope, it’s actually the frogs tongue. Use the tongue to swing around and eat all the mosquitoes. The more mosquitoes are eaten, the fatter the frog gets. The fatter the frog gets, the more mosquitoes can be eaten. Also, as the frog gets better at swinging around, his tongue changes to different colors. Kind of like karate belt, , his tongue changes from white to black with several other colors in between.

Download Rope the Frog

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Jul 25, 2012

Comic book lovers are in full swing of what is likely to be the biggest superhero summer movie summer known to man. The recent release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie and video game is pretty exciting.

The Amazing Spider-Man game for Android is pretty action packed. There are short missions to complete as well as being able to web sling all over the city and spot the random bad guy to beat up. When the game begins Spidey’s fighting skills are a little weak, but as more bad guys are beat and missions complete, experience points and other ways of upgrading his skills, life and strength are available. Some of the attacks learned are pretty acrobatic.

The mini map in the top right corner gives indications of the bad guys and the missions. If the size of the screen is kind of small, the different symbols for bad guy vs mission may not be so easy to tell apart. If the mini map is touched, it will expand to show a larger scrollable map.

The part of the game I didn’t like was the controls. In the heat of battle, the buttons and directional controller are a bit small. I found myself trying to run away or attack only to be missing the buttons or siding off of my tablet’s screen.

True to the comics, Spidey is facing all kinds of battles from random thugs to super villains. Throughout the city many of the names and queues to the comic book show up. Oscorp is the most noticeable because of the blip floating over the city.

The Amazing Spider-Man game has a lot of action, options to upgrade, lots of levels. Not needing to jump right into the next mission and roaming all over the city GTA-style is a great way to get the hang of the controls.