Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice Review

Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice Review

May 8, 2014

Think Bit.Trip, only with the addition of fire and ice elements: that’s Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice in a nutshell.

This is an endless runner where you play as an elemental spirit that has the ability to change form between fire and ice. This is necessary, because on its way running towards as far as possible, the spirit will need to collect fire and ice elements and dodge fire fountains when the spirit is in ice form and frozen fountains when the spirit is in fire form.

The concept that you have to dodge different kinds of hazards and collecting different kinds of collectibles based on the spirits current form, is definitely something that makes this endless runner one hell of a challenge. Players really need to focus their attention to what’s happening on screen, right from the start. Besides transforming between fire and ice forms, the spirit can also make jumps and cool looking slides to handle massive hurdles like mountains.

The controls are something players need to master before going for a high score. The screen is divided into three different areas: one for jump (left, upper half), sliding (left lower half) and transforming (right). After a while, the controls will be something players can rely on, but in the beginning it feels weird. Normal on-screen buttons would perhaps be better, because then players would have more sense of control. Also: the engine of this game has some problems. The otherwise beautiful 8-bit soundtrack and retro pixel graphics aren’t experienced like they should be, because the game reguraly will produce white noise or simply falter.

And that’s such a shame. When you look at Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice, you can see the effort the developers and designers have put in this game. The graphics are really well made, the music, when it doesn’t falter, is great and the gameplay, though not unique, is enjoyable. Gamers who like games like Bit.Trip Runner, which it closely resembles, or just 2D free runners in general, and don’t mind some of the falter now and then, will definitely appreciate this game.