Humble Bundle for Android 3 Released

Humble Bundle for Android 3 Released

Aug 16, 2012

The Humble Android Bundle is back for a third go-round. The pay-what-you-want indie game bundle has a selection of new titles.

First is Fieldrunners , rimage

eleased last year on Android (and reviewed here on Android Rundown), which is an open field tower defense game. Tower location is key, as it affects how quickly the enemies get to the base. Sadly, this is not Fieldrunners 2, which remains trapped on iPhone!

Next is BIT.TRIP BEAT. This is rhythmic Pong, as players move a paddle up and down the left side of the screen, bouncing back balls that come in. However, they all come in to the beat of the music, and as the player performs better, the music becomes more layered and upbeat, with more visual effects. This is the title’s Android debut.


SpaceChem is a game of forming chemical reactions by creating paths that atoms must travel along, then bonding the atoms in their particular locations. It’s kind of like Trainyard with chemistry, and it makes a lot more sense when played than when described. Interestingly, this game is only available for “tablets” but it defines tablet as a device over 5". Galaxy Note owners, the day is yours.

Uplink is the mobile version of the 2001 computer-based hacking simulator – or at least the kind of hacking that is seen in movies and TV shows. Players try to hack into various systems using pieces of software they buy, to complete missions to become the world’s foremost hacker. This game is only available for 7" and bigger tablets.

Spirits is the last title in the bundle, and only available to those who spend above the average (at writing, it was $6.06). This is an ethereal puzzle game where players must try to get ‘spirits’ into the end goal, by using other spirits’ abilities to navigate them throughout the levels.

All the games are available as DRM-free downloads, and come with PC/Mac/Linux (where available) copies, along with Steam codes for those who spend at least $1.00. The Humble Bundle website is mobile-optimized, and the new accounts system can help link together previous bundle purchases in one place. The bundle is available until August 29th.