KickStarter Spotlight: Shapes

KickStarter Spotlight: Shapes

Jul 18, 2012

Last week we wrote about Ouya, which has quickly shattered the KickStarter record garnering just over $5 million with still 21 days to go. Already we are starting to see games and apps that are listing Ouya as a supported device. One of the first that I saw was Shapes, a simple game that was developed by a few college students who admitted to borrowing laptops just to aid with programming. Being a college student myself, I found it appropriate to bring Shapes to light above other apps on KickStarter, because that is what KickStarter is for at its core; helping those who need the money to fund their ideas the most.

Shapes is a game that combines Tetris with a touch of Galaga. One out of a group of 5 different shapes are under user control and they are only permitted to come in contact with similar shapes. After these shapes touch, that main piece changes to another random shape and the game goes on. Included in this chaos are a standard supply of power-ups that aren’t all helpful. Most of the customary ones are here like slo-mo, shield, and a seeker, but mixed in are traps such as bombs and speed increaser.

The premise for Shapes may be simple but I think the big deal about this project is that it is one of the first projects that has acknowledged the inevitable coming of Ouya. Simple games have showed a long history of being, almost inexplicably, popular and addicting. So why not try to grab a seat on a brand new and sizzling hot piece of tech? If Doodle Jump can become a worldwide phenomenon then there is no reason that I can see that would stop Shapes from breaking out, especially because it will also be offered on Android and iOS.

So let’s help out these college kids; their asking price is a very modest $1,000. The biggest challenge Ouya has is quality content and adding new and fresh games like Shapes is just what the doctor ordered.