Sprinkle Islands Review

Sprinkle Islands Review

Jul 16, 2013

App developer Mediocre likes jokes. You can tell from its name, as the games it makes are usually far from it. Sprinkle Islands is no different in this regard. It is yet another well-thought out water physics puzzler that incorporates a lot of the same elements from other games in the Mediocre stable.

The main piece of equipment is an interestingly looking fire truck-like contraption that looks like it was designed by Dr Seuss. At the back of the vehicle, there is a water jet hosted on a retractable crane. The crane water cannon’s angle and height can be adjusted to affect the direction of water.sprink2

The different levels generally involve extinguishing fires before they consume nearby huts, and before the water supply runs out. Putting out the fires usually involves a bit more than just directing a stream of water at the blazes.

To understand this, visualizing the layout is key. The huts are laid out high on hills and in “natural” caverns. There are also bridges and buttons that can be manipulated with boulders of different shapes. So, blazes need to be put out, and the vehicle moves on to the next stage. If and when gaps in the path occur, blasts of water can be used to re-arrange wood and rock to make makeshift bridges, or to operate the buttons that open sliding doors and/or invoke pulley lifts that allow for further movement. Further in the game, you get stuff like boats and fire fauna.

As noted, the water supply is exhaustible, and there are time constraints too; taking too much time to solve a fiery puzzle can cause a hut to be completely razed, which causes the level to be failed. Levels can be repeated, and more points are awarded for using less water.

The use of color is pretty subtle; the animations are good enough to get the ideas across. The blue skies contrast great with the village and greenery, and the addition of water bodies add some realism to the look.

This game is easy to like across generations. It simple and very appealing.