Stack Rabbit Review

Stack Rabbit Review

Dec 9, 2013

Stack Rabbit is a gentle puzzle-solving game from Disney.

The gameplay starts out very simple — almost too simply. The game area is a visual garden of varying configurations depending on the level. The garden is split into square patches, with most having a vegetable of one of three colors either growing or ready to be picked. At the simplest levels, the veggies patches are “guarded” from a thieving, babysitting rabbit by a delightfully narcoleptic dog. The basic premise is to abscond with plant goodies by stacking matching colors of veggies on the rabbit’s head by a factor of three or more; a set if at least three are dissolved for points Tetris-style. The colors must be checked off according to the game listing located the right side during an active round. If the rabbit moves into a square with a mature plant, it is automatically stacked. Movement is gained stack1by gestures.

The kicker is that the colors must match, and there is only a finite number of match attempts per level. Now, a different color can be picked up (and this might even be a necessary strategy at some levels with the difficult arrangements, but again, as in Tetris, these random color square can be reduced eventually if stacked with at least two more pieces of the same color. When a set of three is realized, patches are either reactivated randomly, and/or patches with young plants become full grown and eligible to be stolen. Further on, the game throws out multiple sets, with a true check off list, which need to be corrected in order. Failure to do this wakes up the dog, signaling the capture of our antihero and the end the run. Then there are times the dog is awake, and hunts the rabbit line by line; variations like this make the game, and I wish there were more.

Stack Rabbit provides a bit of delayed gratification… if one is patient enough. It is a decent timewaster, but to be fair, that’s what I think it wants to be the most.