Star Legends Update Adds New Scenario, Weapons, and Cap Level

Star Legends Update Adds New Scenario, Weapons, and Cap Level

May 2, 2013

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles has received an update that puts player’s characters in dangerous situations. A new bio-weapon has been unleashed and players must defeat genetically modified Vular. The new update adds a new cap level of 50, 51 for elite. New achievements, titles, and weapons are also available.


Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Review

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Review

Aug 30, 2011

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is a mobile MMORPG from Spacetime Studios that may be technically the game that has had the longest development cycle in mobile gaming. Though the game was originally meant for traditional computer platforms, it got stuck in development hell and was only recently unearthed after the launch of last year’s Pocket Legends. This game uses a similar backbone, supporting play between users of different platforms, including iOS and Android players.

Star Legends‘ story has players taking on various missions for several corporations aboard the Blackstar spaceship. Players choose from three classes: the hulking Commando, the skill-based Engineer, and the Operative that primarily targets single enemies. The combat system involves an auto-firing weapon, and skills that the player can map on the main screen. Star Legends is free to play, with Platinum available for purchase that can be used to obtain additional money, items, and enhancements. Star Legends is thankfully built for mobile gaming; it is very easy to just log in and go to a mission, with players joining as they may. The game also offers options for friends lists and Guild management for deeper and more organized play sessions. Still, this is a game that can be played very casually on a whim for short play sessions. Don’t be afraid to leave the house!

However, Star Legends‘ cross-platform gameplay is perhaps its greatest strength; players can load up any client that the game runs on, be it an iOS device or an Android device, phone or tablet, using their same character and platinum when logged in to the same Spacetime Studios account. This platform agnosticism is perhaps the most impressive part of Star Legends; the game just works, no matter what system.

This is a free to play game; while not spending money is certainly an option, Star Legends is not afraid to give advantages to those who do spend money. By spending money, players can easily earn additional experience, boost their stats, and even get better items at the very beginning. This may put some people off right away, though nothing is necessary. Combat can be very finnicky at times, especially targeting special abilities. If the enemy targeted when an ability is used suddenly dies, the next enemy isn’t targeted, leading much ability usage to go to waste. While mashing the attack button to lock on works as well, it just doesn’t feel as clean. It is possible at times for enemies to overwhelm players to the point where it is impossible to respawn without enemies instantly killing the player. This is supremely annoying, to say the least. The game seems to have limited amounts of gameplay past level 25, though it is likely that Spacetime Studios will add more in the way of content as time goes on, especially as they supported Pocket Legends long after release.

Star Legends is as much a feat of technical impressiveness as it also successful as a casual MMORPG experience. This is a genre that is teeming with potential, but thanks in part to games just wanting to directly copy World of Warcraft, has become stale, and overly demanding of players. Getting more of a short-burst gameplay experience, and feeling like I don’t need to be overly committed to a game is rather refreshing.

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Beta Comes to V CAST (With Beta Access Giveaway!)

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Beta Comes to V CAST (With Beta Access Giveaway!)

Jul 7, 2011

Spacetime Studios’ upcoming MMORPG for mobiles, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, has officially entered into a closed beta. This long-in-development game, revived recently after the success of Pocket Legends, is now playable for the public for the first time.

Launching the game, players choose from three classes: Commando, Engineer, and Operative. Commando is the game’s power class, using powerful guns to take out enemies. The other classes are more suited for ranged combat and skill usage. Quests can be obtained by talking to people on the ship. The first few quests are just to introduce the controls and where locations on the ship are, before dropping into instances where players try to take out mercenaries and boss enemies. Levels include boxes with items, and item pickups that enemies drop; these are fairly standard entries to the genre. It’s possible to do level instances and quests solo, although it’s easy from the main menu to join up with players playing through specific levels, in order to gain more experience and take on enemies with the help of the old axiom “power in numbers.”

The game seems to make it easy to just jump into a game and play, while still providing the standard MMO experience for fans of the genre. The overworld music and space theme evoke memories of the original Phantasy Star Online, a far underrated online RPG. There appear to be 36 total quests in this beta, providing enough content to explore the game’s worlds currently available. The game offers an in-app purchase currency, called Plat, that can be used to purchase a variety of things from items, credits, upgrade slots, and more. It is not known if the game hands out Plat for in-game tasks, at least early on.

For those looking to give the game a shot, the beta lasts until July 20th, available as a free download until July 20th for Verizon subscribers, as the beta is being exclusively distributed on V CAST. However, we are giving away some access codes into the beta; the first person to comment below will win access into the beta (ability to install non-Market applications required). Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to win access into the beta as well! There’s no word yet on when the final version of the game comes out, but stay tuned for more of our coverage on this anticipated game.