Securebook App Review

Securebook App Review

Nov 30, 2011

Fortunately for me none of my immediate family members are on Facebook. However, as Facebook becomes more ubiquitous into our culture there seems to be less freedom about what you can share amongst your friends. Sure, you can filter your friends on Facebook but I’m not sure I know anyone who actively uses that option. Securebook is an app that allows you to share secret posts within posts to any one Facebook friend with this app, and since Auntie Beth probably won’t be using this on her 2005 Razr, you should be safe.

When entering a post into Securebook you first put a fake post that will be visible to the general Facebook populace, and then underneath it your real, probably private, post. For example, say you want to advertise a big kegger at your house tonight on Facebook, but don’t want your whole family and Catholic school friends to know. Simply enter, “Studying hard tonight” into the Status box and “Massive kegger at my house tonight.” into the Secure Post area. Now the only people who can see the Secure Post are those with the Securebook app on their phones.

Securepost does this by putting a long code after your status that the built in Facebook News Feed browser detects and then displays the real post underneath. This, like other social apps is unfortunately dependent on making sure all your friends have and actively use the app. Also, there is no way to siphon out non-secure posts, so it’s easy to miss a post if you have a busy news feed or don’t check with extreme regularity. There is also Twitter support, and Tweets are placed right next to Facebook statuses in your News Feed.

This app is in the strange predicament of trying to grow its user base but keep it small enough so that it retains its original purpose. If your mom and Aunt Beth have it on their phones then there really is no point, but there has to be friends using Securebook to decode your posts. Overall, the jury is still out on Securebook, if you can get your close circle used to using it, this app can be very useful.