Robbery Bob Review

Robbery Bob Review

Nov 13, 2012

People think criminals are pretty dumb, in this case Bob is. He takes a file given to him when he was in jail and used it to escape. Because he did that, he owes a guy. What this guy wants is for Bob to break into a bunch of different places in and steal everything of value.

The first robbery is training to show Bob the ropes. From that point on, there are a few tutorial missions but only when there’s new skill to be learned. In beginning of the game, there’s also hints written on the floor. These hints are meant to show what should be done in this situation. The map for each level has a bunch of different houses to take items from once all of the houses have been pilfered, the next levels unlocked.

To clear each house, all three of the objectives need to be met. Those objectives are entering and exiting the house with all of the items and not being spotted, completing the level in a specific amount of time and getting all of the selected items in the house.

The controls consist of an on-screen directional pad, a run button and a moneybag gauge to show when all of the loot has been taken from the building. In the top left corner there’s also some other buttons to pause the game, fast-forward through the cut scenes and check inventory/abilities.

The abilities will help with the general parts of the game. The different abilities are stealth, stamina, speed, and grab-ability. Some of the utilities are power ups for lack of better term while others are tools to help in the midst of a heist. A rotten donut can be given to guards to make him sick or the strange liquid will turn Bob invisible for a short time. The other thing in this menu are different outfits. The outfits will help Bob blend in a little better. The outfits are little bit pricey in the beginning but as the game progresses there easier to purchase because there are higher-priced items to steal.

Robbery Bob is a fun, lighthearted and fairly easy game. With multiple stages per level and 3+ levels, there’s a bunch of fun to keep coming back for.