Ærena: Clash of Champions Scheduled For Mobile Release

Ærena: Clash of Champions Scheduled For Mobile Release

Oct 21, 2013


Ærena: Clash of Champions is already available on Steam as an Early Access title, and is promised to come to the mobile market later. It’s a tactical turn-based action with a tesla-punk theme. Turn-based combat means that the game will be able to put PC players versus handheld devices, so prepare for some violent multi-platform battles. Release date is yet unknown, but screenshots and trailer are already available.

FootLoL: Epic Fail League Coming Soon

FootLoL: Epic Fail League Coming Soon

Aug 30, 2013

FootLOL 5

Heavily inspired by the wacky weaponry of Worms, FootLoL: Epic Fail League is an indirectly-controlled football simulator – and I use this word as loosely as possible here – for the stationaries, and the mobiles as well. The player’s task is to unleash a number of insane weaponry and natural cataclysms to spoil the game for the hapless football (soccer, for some of you) players on the field. It all looks very crazy, so here’s hoping it’s fun as well. Release date is currently unknown, and the game is coming to multiple platforms, including possibly Steam if they succeed on Greenlight.

Theme Thursday – Steampunk Rusted

Theme Thursday – Steampunk Rusted

Sep 29, 2011

This week’s theme is Steampunk Rusted, an attractive theme for all the steampunk enthusiasts out there.

To say the steampunk crowd are an eclectic bunch would be an understatement. Not content to exist solely in our modern era, they don’t quite dwell in the past, either. Instead, they invent a new era that melds the old with the new, creating an alternate timeline — a history that never was.

As such, the steampunk aesthetic represents a fashion, a taste for objects that eschew modern design while maintaining modern function. Featured heavily are modified clothing and gadgetry designed to look as though the Victorian period never ended and here we are today. Fond as steampunk enthusiasts are of customizing objects, it makes perfect sense that any easily modifiable entity will be made to resemble that imagery — an Android device running ADW Launcher, for example.

ADW Launcher, the customizable home replacement utility for Android, can easily undergo drastic changes in design and function simply by selecting a new theme and applying it. Taking the idea further, you can mix and match themes, designing a wholly new theme just by editing objects and settings to your desire. It’s no wonder there are several steampunk designs in existence on the the Android Market.

Featuring a grunged up interface, laced with corrosion and signs of wear, the metallic and glass elements mixed with mechanical accoutrements in the backgrounds (notice the gears on the wallpaper in one of the screenshots, below) lend themselves to the steampunk aesthetic in many attractive ways. The icons are similarly fitting, resembling small buttons with crystal caps and brass fittings.

If you like the look of Steampunk Rusted, you can take it even further with several additions, such as this Steampunk Clock widget and this Steampunk Gears live wallpaper. Steampunk Rusted also features compatibility with several other launchers, especially Panda Home.

Steampunk Rusted is available on the Android Market for US$1.29.