Steampunk Tower Review

Steampunk Tower Review

Jun 9, 2014

The theme of the game Steampunk Tower has been very decisive for the game’s name, for it has little to do with the core. It could’ve been any theme, but that doesn’t make this literal tower defense game any less fun.

Sometimes game developers take genres quite literally. In Steampunk Tower, the developer did just that. Players take control over a steampunk themed tower to defend it from waves of waves of sorts of enemies, each with its own weak points, attacks and overall skills. Naturally, the goal of the game is to keep to tower as intact as possible, by attacking the enemies with special machine guns, heavy weapons, lasers and even electric attacks. The action on-screen is really frantic and fantastic, without losing any overview of the 2D battlefield. Players get attack from two sides, so there could be a problem in terms of that overview, but nothing like that is the case.


The game also has a very easy to get in to campaign mode, where every aspect is highlighted and explained, without irritating the player. The tutorials, although very strict and directed, gives the player early on control over its own actions – in my book, this is a good thing. By giving the player just enough of the basics, element per element, and letting him play with the things he just has learned, really emerges and eases one in to the gameplay. The process of understanding what goes on on the battlefield, whether it is to attack, defend or to upgrade the fire power, is a very smooth one and only because the game lets the player play on is own real quick.

Steampunk Tower doesn’t only have a great core gameplay, it also has some good controls. Not everything is here, though. Players have to swipe their canons up and down, from left to right to overcome the waves, and more than often the guns won’t go where the player wants them to be. Somethimes, they just got stuck in the center of the tower, we they are not able to shoot, or go to the wrong outpost, killing the strategic advantages players might have at that point.

But at the end of the line, Steampunk Tower provides enough fun and depth for players to experience, with only the controls holding it back from being a instant classic.