Friday Free App Rundown February 22 – BMX Games

Friday Free App Rundown February 22 – BMX Games

Feb 22, 2013

When I was a kid I loved my BMX bike. My friends and I used to make jumps and go on the dirt trails in the woods near where I grew up. Since I got a little older, I don’t quite have the energy and ability to rebound like I did when I was a kid. What I do now is play games about BMX bikes. This weeks games are all about BMX bike and racing or freestyle BMX.

Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free is a a game where the BMX rider is put through many realistic and imaginary courses. Some of the different courses ask the rider to be upside down for in air for a lot longer than realistically possible. The goal of the game is that of many BMX games where the rider is on a course and needs to rider jump over obstacles making it to the end of the course as fast as possible. The graphics of the obstacles could be a little bit better but for a free game it’s not bad and a lot of fun.

Download Bike Race Free

Pumped: BMX Free

Pumped: BMX Free is a popular game. There are a lot of locations to ride and thousands of different trick combos to try. The physics of the game are pretty good. The controls for the game are on screen as well as using the motion detector in the phone. This means there is always something going on and to control the rider. To get the hang of it, they ask for new players to go through the tutorial to learn the basics. Once the tutorial is done, the backyard opens up where it is more of a free ride while accumulating points.

Download Pumped: BMX Free

Stickman BMX

Personally, I am a fan of the stick figure genre. Stickman BMX is a game with a really cool Official Trailer too. The different levels and hundreds of trick combinations on make for a very replayable game. What makes the game cool is the controls are easy to use and the graphics are great.

Download Stickman BMX

MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE

Part of the BMX lifestyle is building ramps. MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE has some of the sickest ramps in existence. The game has 10 real ramps from real locations in Woodward West, Woodward Camp, Times Square, LA, Santa Rosa
Plus: Zurich, Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago. These ramps are scary big! Remember though, the bigger the ramp, the bigger the tricks.

Download MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE


Glide through the levels in BMX Boy using the simple controls to accelerate and jump. While the rider is traveling along the side scrolling half, different obstacles get in his way. Hurdling these obstacles while doing tricks earns points. To finish the level simply reached the end. Along the way there are trophies to accumulate as well. This is one of the simpler games in the list but still a lot of fun to play.

Download BMX Boy

Friday Free Game Rundown September 21st

Friday Free Game Rundown September 21st

Sep 21, 2012

Being in jail wouldn’t be fun. All of the TV shows who glamorize being in jail, don’t talk about all of the bad stuff that happens that would make a person want to escape. Since we aren’t recommending anyone purposely go to jail simply to try and escape, here are a few games to simulate the experience and much much more fun way.

Jail Escape

Jail Escape is a 2D scrolling game with pretty simple controls. The goal of the game is to escape jail. The reason for the escape is actually a good one. The character’s wife is being held by the Mafia and he needs to escape jail to free her. By skulking through the sewers in secret rooms to avoid the guards, the faster the escaping happens the better.

Download Jail Escape

old offender | Escape from jail

Old Offender is actually a pretty difficult game. The game starts in a jail cell. while there, the search starts for items within the cell that can aid an escape. for people who enjoy the games where there’s a lot of thought involved this would be a good one. Each stage builds on the last. All of them involve searching for items in different options for escape. Much like it would be if one were to really escape from jail. Be crafty and think like a criminal.

Download old offender|Escape from jail

Prison Ball

Prison Ball is a brick breaker style games. Goals to break down all of the walls to break out of prison. There are 140 different levels to try and beat. Gaining power-ups will help break down the walls more efficiently. Much like in a real jailbreak, time is an enemy. Use a fingertip to toss the ball at the walls.

Download Prison Ball

Jumping Jax’s Jail Break

Jumping Jax’s Jail Break his jumper game where the only real control is to tilt the screen to control which way Jax jumps. The coast isn’t clear for Jax’s jail break attempt. There are angry birds and killercopters trying to thwart his escape. The plot has Jax taking on God and even the Devil. That must be some crazy jail, I can see why he wants to escape.

Download Jumping Jax’s Jail Break

Stckman Prison Escape

Stckman Prison Escape is a funny little game in where the main characters a stick figure dressed in jail. His buddies sent him a cake with a bunch of stuff hidden in. Using trial and error on the different items, one of them will surely help the stick figure prisoner escape. The game isn’t very long, but it has some pretty good cut scenes showing what happens when different items in the cake are used.

Download Stckman Prison Escape

Friday Android Free App Recap July 27

Friday Android Free App Recap July 27

Jul 27, 2012

This week we are going to look at games where the main character is a stick figure. Many of us suck at drawing so we can all relate to the simplicity of the artwork involved. There are actually way more stick figure games than I thought there would be.

Stick Fighter 2

Fighting games have always done well with the gaming communities. Stick Fighter 2 is a fighting game with some cool attacking moves. Superman-esque attacks, complete with a cape and one arm out and power sliding kicks make attacking the other stick men a blast.

Download Stick Fighter 2

Line Runner

Line Runner was the first stick man game I ever played. The idea is pretty simple; jump over or slide under obstacles. In reality, the fast pace of the game makes these simple actions challenging to say the least. Try to beat personal distance records or play friends online.

Download Line Runner

Stick Speed Runner

Stick Speed Runner has the little stick man jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Starting out the gameplay is pretty slow but increases the farther through the course he makes it. The only real action required is to tap the screen to jump. Believe me, that’s enough to pay attention too as things start to move fast.

Download Stick Speed Runner


Out of this bunch of apps, StickDraw is different because it is a drawing game, not an action game. Create different drawings and animate them. Remember back in the day at school people used to make the little flipbooks with the stick man jumping through the fire ring or over a car? StickDraw is like that but digital.

Download StickDraw

Stick Combat

Stick Combat adds a little more of a meaty body to the characters. There is a good range of motion for the butt-kicking, not just a 2D scrolling game like others. During the battles boxed with potential weapons to enhance the attacks or food to revive energy might be in side. Break them open to see.

Download <Stick Combat