Stick Squad 4 – Sniper’s Eye Review

Stick Squad 4 – Sniper’s Eye Review

Sep 10, 2015

If truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of sniper games. Call me a wuss, but there is just something so… well… final about them. Yes, some find it silly, but talking about it frees me.

I think…

But then there’s Stick Squad 4 – Sniper’s Eye, the fourth installment in Stick Squad series. It’s the sequel to the sequel to the original sequel, and looks to bring the best of stick figures and sniping to handheld gaming.

For folks vested in this particular gaming series, the general look will be familiar. One gets the expected stick figures, and they’re moving, relaxing and otherwise living in the lfe. the motions are mostly natural looking, and the visuals work well, even if perspective takes a weird turn a time or two. The gameplay is presented in first person format, through a scope for vision. Moving said scope is a matter of holding/dragging it around till one gets a target in one’s sights. There is a simple shooting button, and it is very reactive.

The player controls the good guys, and there is a storyline to frame the game, but it boils down to one basic concept: complete the mission, and complete it efficiently. One does get graded, and some of that has to do with accuracy and time spent on that particular mission. In every frame, there is a target — or two, or three — to take out, and with every successful mission, a new one is opened and simple rewards earned.


The challenge of each mission increases too. At first, the figures are not that mobile, and it is a bit easier to lock n and get the killer shots. Further on, a couple of newer wrinkles are added in, like required stealth. One also learns to be patient, and then quicker shots need to be taken, and then, one even has to use brain before brawn in figuring out how to make a hit look like an accident. It’s interesting fare, and it is fun to see how the developer’s imagination unfolds.

I think the game is a bit confusing in parts; not knowing the target leads to guessing, and while one can repeat missions endlessly, it can be a bit of a buzz kill. As noted, the motions can be stilted, but it is easy to get into, and the walkthroughs online help one ignore most drawbacks.

All in all, it’s easy to understand, plays well and does the series proud.

Brutal Studio Brings New Game Stick Squad to Android

Brutal Studio Brings New Game Stick Squad to Android

Oct 3, 2014

Stick Squad, a new game by Brutal Studio, is now available to Android users.

At its core, it’s a stick figure-based shooting game that rewards success with game cash. Per the press release:

Canadian developer Brutal Studio, who brought us their unique game Finger VS Axes last month, has just released a new stick shooter game for your Android phone or tablet. Stick Squad is a FREE stickman shooter game with awesome sniping missions. The game features an appealing story line, intense sniping missions, hostage situations and action-driven assault missions. Real fans of stick sniper games will love this free shooting game. Sift through over 60 shooting objectives, in 20 breath-taking maps. After successfully completing your missions you will be rewarded with in-game cash money, which you can then use in the gun shop. Upgrade your sniper rifle, assault rifle and handgun or buy new weapons altogether.

And for those who decide to keep the app, new updated missions, weapons and bonus material will be added periodically. The game also features plenty of side missions, like a shooting range, shoot the targets, find the sniper and achievements to accomplish. Enough to keep the player satisfied for hours.

Look out for more fun and excitement from Brutal Studio.

Stick Squad is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.