BugMe! Stickies Pro Review

BugMe! Stickies Pro Review

Jul 31, 2012

When it comes to note-taking, I can be very picky. I tend to gravitate towards having too much functionality than too little. But sometimes, as it is with all software, simple is better, and that is where I needed BugMe! Stickies Pro from Electric Pocket to fit the bill intelligently.

Or, I wondered, does it just hide some serious artillery beneath the guise of simplicity? I decided to find out.

BugMe! took me back to a less cluttered time… the UI was great. It invoked stickies (obviously) and corkboard. The program allowed me to create stickies by writing on squared yellow “paper” and to populate these newly created stickies on my device home page.

The ease of entry is where I think BugMe shines. I could enter data with the installed keyboard, but also had the option of writing with my finger. Now for me, this is huge; it put back the “impromptu” into impromptu note taking.

In addition, I was able to set alarms to my notes. So, I could take a quick memo and transform it to a task on the fly. Also, it has a built-in Share functionality that I tested by sending a note, which the program sent as a .png image. I could also share via major social networks.

I found the program to be pretty customizable, as I could change background and digital ink color. In an interesting twist, I found that I was able to use personal picture as a background for a note (or take a picture on the go). I was able to create a personal note about my kids with an image of my kids as the backdrop. I liked that feature more than I thought I would; it allowed me to further personalize reminders and notes with a unique touch. In this specific regard, BugMe! provided me with an almost limitless amount of templates.

All in all, I thought BugMe! packed a lot of punch into its sub 6 MB frame. What I would have initially considered a disadvantage (lack of cloud compatibility) I would actually consider to be a part of its simple charm: localization. It is effective, handy and easily accessible, which makes it the perfect ode to an era when productivity was measured in square, yellow stickies.