Zombies With Bazookas Review

Zombies With Bazookas Review

Sep 3, 2014

Zombies. Helicopters. Bazookas.

Does Zombies with Bazookas need a better intro?

The game is delivered in 2D, with muted colors on the cityscape that makes up the background. The graphics are deliberately zany, and I think this approach decidedly works for this game. The stilted animations of the characters help highlight the smoothness of the helicopter movements, and altogether, when one adds the vocals, the media is pretty good.

The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the recent batch of twitch games making the rounds. The basic premise is blessed with the spirit of simplicity, and has to do with the familiar zombie apocalypse; the player is a helicopter pilot tasked with rescuing untainted people from the top of buildings to safety. The buildings are ofzbw2 varying heights, which brings the chopper control mechanism to the forefront. The rescue transport is guided by taps: tapping and holding cause the helicopter to rise, while releasing the screen allows the helicopter to lose altitude. Dropping too low causes the chopper to crash, as expected. Rescuing individuals is a matter of using the taps to control the helicopter so that it lands lightly on or near the individual on the rooftop. Success is measured in the number of people picked up.

But wait… there’ more. interspersed with the “healthy” people on the rooftops are greenish undead. Picking them up causes the pilot to get bitten, which also ends the run. Dropping too hard, or in an uneven matter causes the end to run.

Here’s the kicker: remember the “B” word in the title? Yep… it seems the zombies are not very friendly to people trying to rescue their food, and as such, there is flying artillery to dodge, as well as a gas tank to pay attention to; to deal with the gas, one needs to pick up gas that appear randomly on rooftops.

The game is simple and intuitive, and built to be enjoyed in quick spurts. Some parts of the game engine feel forced, but the quick restarts are especially welcome. The easy scoring system is logical, and the game as a whole is challenging without being defined by overreaching difficulty.

At the price of free (or just under $1 for an ad-free experience) Zombies with Bazookas is well worth a guilt-free look.