Free App Recap December 11 – Finance Apps

Free App Recap December 11 – Finance Apps

Dec 11, 2012

Money is a hard thing for most people to get a handle on. Many times people don’t realize they have more money going out than money coming in. This makes it difficult to see where the holes are. It may just seem like there’s never any money in the checking account, let alone having extra money to save. In this week’s Free App Recap, we’re talking about three different finance applications that may help get a better handle on the money situation.

Bloomberg for Smartphone

Bloomberg is one of the most well-respected companies out there when it comes to the financial markets. Having the application quickly accessible on an Android device to make it easier to research a potential stock purchase. Being able to see important business trends but easy-to-read chart makes it easier to get information instead of needing to pine over spreadsheet data.

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PayPal is one of those must-have apps for a lot of people. For anyone buying and selling anything, having a PayPal account is almost mandatory. For someone like myself who works for different websites all over the world, PayPal is the default payment method. Using the PayPal app for Android makes it easy to check current balances, send money and request money.

Download PayPal Personal Finance

Mint is such a great personal finance app for tracking spending. Because most people use credit cards, debit cards and other accounts that can be monitored digitally, Mint will take a lot of the work out of monitoring everyday finances. Mint connects to each account and checks for new transactions daily , then graphs and categorizes everything to make it easy to see where all the money is going.

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