Live on Twitch at 3:15 PM EDT: Mutant Gangland with Developer Commentary

Live on Twitch at 3:15 PM EDT: Mutant Gangland with Developer Commentary

Mar 12, 2014

We’ll be streaming an alpha version of Mutant Gangland, the fast-paced turn-based strategy game, on our Twitch channel at 3:15 PM EDT (2:15 PM CDT, 12:15 PM PDT, 7:15 PM GMT), with Thomas Noppers, one of the developers of the game. Get the scoop on what the game is now and the plans down the road for it.

Just click here to watch and chat. We’ll have an archive of the game after the broadcast.

And here’s the archive!

Skifta Review

Skifta Review

Aug 20, 2012

All of the digital media collected over time seems to end up sitting at home more than it should. On those nights out, there are times when a playlist from home might be just what the party needs. Skifta is an app for Android giving access to all of your digital media and the ability to stream it to a Wi-Fi device like a TV or PS3.

The way Skifta does it’s thing is not just through the Android app, there are other parts too it. An online account is needed as the “middle man” and an app is needed for the Windows computer at home to allow the connection. All of those can be downloaded for free here:

Once everything is downloaded, it’s a matter of connecting everything. The steps to make the connections are pretty are laid out pretty well on the Skifta site. One tip many people might overlook is to make sure the firewall on the home computer will allow Skifta to accept incoming requests. This may also need to be changes in the computer’s anti-virus program.

In testing, everything went great with streaming music. It pulled up my entire music library and streamed music I don’t have anywhere on my tablet. I have a few .avi files on my computer from screencasts. They played just fine but took a little longer to load than the music did.

When using a PS3 to stream to, there is an option for an unlisted player. This will let any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network find and stream from Skifta on the Android phone. Simply fire up the PS3 and go to the spot where the media servers show up.

Overall Skifta is pretty easy to use. Because there are not a lot of other free options that work this well, I have no real complaints on how it works.