Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years Review

Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years Review

May 27, 2013

Stunt Star The Hollywood Years is all about reminiscing. it tells the story of a carefree stunt lover with his life flashing before his own eyes.

I enjoyed the gameplay immensely. The basic premise involves an Evel Knievel-type daredevil, a caustically uncaring director, a morbidly fascinated set of bystanders, and increasingly dangerous stunts. It is leveled gameplay at its finest; the stunts are fairly easy and the equipment is far from jazzy. I learned how to create my own taco in the special area provided; this is effected by dragging my finger to adjust the height and angle of accent. This was important, as the angle affected landing and the avoidance of obstacles, like sadistic chopper pilots.

After adjusting the ramp, figuring out the controls priced to be interesting. At the basest level, I had a gas pedal and a brake. They did the basics in the ground, but in the air, they can dip the vehicle and driver/rider up and over (or lift the vehicle up on its rear). Sticking a proper landing took some work. As I got better, I learned how to do stunt3front flips and backflips.

To add even more of a challenge, I couldn’t just land upright. I also had to stop within a set area or the try was as good as failed, and had to be repeated. Successful runs earn cash and trophies.

The physics of the game are fairly realistic. The tumbles are painful without being gruesome, and the quips from the director are well worth the price of admission. The stunts showed creative promise, and I liked fan of the upgrades and unlockable equipment. Of course, the juicy equipment can be bought with accrued game cash or with real cash.

This was another game I liked way more than I thought I would once I got down to playing. I like the easy-to-understand gameplay, and the way the developer incorporates the player’s input is superb. It is well worth an extended look.