Hank Hazard: The Stunt Hamster Review

Hank Hazard: The Stunt Hamster Review

Aug 9, 2012

To follow up the last Friday Android Free Game Recap, Hank Hazard: The Stunt Hamster is a fun little game to use physics to solve the puzzles. Like a good little hamster, Hank Hazard is plopped into his little plastic bubble and sets out to preform different stunt challenges.

Throughout the game, the stunts have different rules. Be it finishing at a certain speed, jumping to a certain height or completing the stunt in a limited amount of steps. One part of the stunts remain the same. Each time, all of the stars need to be collected. The level can be passed if all of the stars are collected but the height or time limit is not met. If the time limit is met and the stars are not gathered, the stage needs to be repeated.

The controls for the game are as simple as tapping the screen. The simplicity is deceiving. Even the first level requires a bit of thinking to complete the stunt and achieve all the goals. Some of the stunts require a removing blocks to let hank through and others require more forceful methods. The ham-fisted boxing gloves can knock Hank in the right direction. After a certain number of stars are acquired, the next batch of levels is unlocked. The second set of challenges adds in different ways to propel Hank through the obstacles. Bombs are introduced and somehow don’t seem to blow up his plastic bubble….hmmm.

Timing is everything in this game. As the levels progress, planning out the steps is more important. The stunts need to be completed in a certain order. Many of the levels have a time limit. Once the first block is touched, the clock starts. Some of the levels may need to be repeated to get the hang of how the weights work or the timing needed to complete the stunt. No shame in repeating the level, it’s not like second grade all over again.