MyFitnessPal teases limited time subscription promo

MyFitnessPal teases limited time subscription promo

Jun 27, 2017

Health and wellness application Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is offering folks goodies for signing up for a year of its premium service.

The free version is better-than-decent, offering users the opportunity to plan and measure caloric information. The premium service allows for even more, including more pronounced entry and analysis tools, plus extra bennies such as priority support and an ad-free experience.

The premium service costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 a year.

Now, in-app, MyFitnessPal is offering a $10 Google Play gift voucher for users that sign up for a year of premium. Basically, the offer is available to users who sign up for a new yearly subscription or convert a trial subscription to a yearly one.

In other words, no monthly subs qualify for the promotion, unfortunately. It is only available to US users at this time.

People who do take advantage of this promo can expect to see their electronic gift codes within a week of signing, and the promo ends on July 24th.

YouTube TV goes live in select cities

YouTube TV goes live in select cities

Apr 7, 2017

We heard recently that the new cable-cutting option YouTube TV, and now we hear the service has gone live in a few metropolitan areas.

If you’re in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco Bay areas, the service might just be available.


Wait, what? You hadn’t heard about YouTube TV till now? We’re happy to explain.

The service gives consumers a slate of 40 premium channels — including ESPN, USA, FX, Bravo and more — for $35 per month.

It offers infinite DVR storage space, six accounts, and the expected access from internet connected devices (computers, mobile devices and Chromecast-ready devices). Of course, when it comes to mobile devices, Android users are covered.

Tempted? There is a one month free trial.


[via YouTube Official Blog]

NYT Crosswords Comes to Android

NYT Crosswords Comes to Android

Nov 17, 2016

Crossword puzzle fans have a new target: NYTimes – Crossword is out on Android via Google Play.

The app presents the same puzzles that are featured in the paper; subscribers have access to the daily puzzle and the mini Daily puzzles. Additionally, subscribers can revisit archived passwords for more — 20 years worth, to be exact.

Subscribers also can enjoy the “Play Anywhere” feature, which allows them to play the same puzzle across multiple devices and on

The app’s Google Play page notes other goodies, like themed puzzle packs.

There is a 7-day trial; after this, folks can subscribe for $6.95 a month or $39.95 for a whole year.

[via PressRun] — the “Pandora” of Standup Comedy — Arrives on Android — the “Pandora” of Standup Comedy — Arrives on Android

Aug 12, 2016

Laughly: Stand up Comedy Radio is a new app from Laugh Radio.

Hart. Schumer. Foxworthy… heck, is that Richard Pryor? On tap? With playlists too? is the app for stand-up comedy. With hundreds of comedians and thousands of hours of material, we have the jokes you are looking for. Laughter guaranteed!
Discover the funniest comedy from the most famous comedians and find up-and-coming comedians from around the world. Our curated comedy stations deliver laughs for everything from sex and marriage to religion and politics. Be the first to hear the next Donald Trump joke or a hilarious parenting joke to share with your friends who just had a kid.

It’s free to listen, so start making playlists with your favorite comedy acts and share them with your friends. You don’t want their lives to be dull and boring forever ;)

The app itself is free (ad-supported), with subscription options in-app for $3.99.

Google Music Gets Update

Google Music Gets Update

Feb 4, 2016

Google Play Music is getting an update; this one seems to be related bug fixes.

Per Google Play:


* After listening to Code Your Face Off radio (, our engineers fixed a bunch of bugs including one related to resuming songs over Bluetooth

Google Play Music is available as a subscription service.

Concert Subscription Service Jukely Arrives on Android

Concert Subscription Service Jukely Arrives on Android

Feb 2, 2016

Jukely, a concert subscription service, is now available to Android users.

Jukely members enjoy a vast selection of upcoming concerts to which they can claim a spot through the website, iOS and now, Android app. Live across 15 cities in the United States as well as in London and Toronto, new shows are released at 11am in members’ respective time zones and can be claimed before 5pm on the day of the show. The basic membership tier provides individual access to shows happening in a three day window with options to upgrade membership to bring a friend and claim spots even further in advance.

With the native app, users can:
Browse – Browse a list of upcoming shows
Explore – Learn about the shows and listen to full tracks
Claim – Get a spot on the Jukely Guest List and go

Jukely founder and chief Bora Celik mentions the importance of bringing an Android app to market. “We’ve always been aware of the large chunk of Jukely users using Android devices and we’re excited to finally give them a new tool for using Jukely” he says. “We really wanted to optimize and streamline the user experience on their mobile device, and introduce the Jukely experience to a whole new group of potential power users.”

The app is available for free on Google Play.

Humble Bundle Launches Humble Monthly Subscription Service

Humble Bundle Launches Humble Monthly Subscription Service

Oct 2, 2015

Humble Bundle, the well regarded alternative app distribution model that allows users to pay what they want for premium apps AND support charity, has a new initiative going, and it should be a fun one for Humble fans.

It has just unveiled a new subscription service called Humble Monthly that provides a batch of curated apps that are digitally delivered each month. As part of the program, the content will be a surprise.

The service is slated to cost $12, and is due to go live on November 6th, 2015. Subscribers who sign up before that date will get a free title.

And by the way, a portion of proceeds go to charity, in true Humble Bundle fashion.

To subscribe, all one needs to do is head to the sign up page here.

For the visually inclined, we have a super-quick announcement trailer below which presents the finer points of the new program:

[via Humble Mumble post]

Magtzer Gold Service Launches, Looks to be the “Netflix” of Digital Magazines

Magtzer Gold Service Launches, Looks to be the “Netflix” of Digital Magazines

Jan 19, 2015

Digital newsstand Magtzer has just launched a new subscription service called Magtzer Gold. The new service offers subscribers unlimited access to what the company describes as the largest library of magazine content at 2000+ titles, including ESPN, Inc and more. it also has top magazines from different locales, with more planned to be procured.

Magtzer chief Girish Ramdas talks about the evolution of the consumption of digital magazine content. “It’s still early days for digital magazine reading,” he says. “Barriers to entry, like paying for and managing multiple magazine subscriptions, have stalled true adoption. With Magzter Gold, we’re delivering a better experience, giving readers instant access to the largest collection of digital magazines anywhere, on any device, and for one low monthly price.”

The unlimited tier costs $9.99 per month; there is also a smaller tier (Gold Lite) that allows for access to five magazine for $4.99 per month.

The companion app is free on the Play Store and Amazon Appstore

Sony Music Unlimited Review

Sony Music Unlimited Review

Oct 8, 2014



“What is that ‘CD’ thingie they are talking about on that show?”

We’ve come a long way. Not that long ago, having one’s music on the go meant investing in a CD case or one of those hideous auto visor holders. Now, our smartphones are our streaming hubs.

And mighty Sony is on it it — in the manifestation of the subscription-based Sony Music Unlimited streaming service.

After setting up the service (which involved redeeming the review code Sony provided), the next thing was to download the accompanying from the Play Store. using the app, one is easily able to navigate the service. it’s possible to browse the catalog by genre. For premium subscribers, there is the channel feature, which parses thesum1 music into common-ground groups; channels range from “Bollywood” to “Assassin’s Creed” and beyond. There is even a “Comedy Nightclub” channel, which rocks stuff from Cheech and Chong all the way to Chris Rock, I liked the ability to create one’s own channels. There is also a Library section in the main menu which allows users to collate favorite music.

The service allows for streaming (obviously), but also gives users the ability to pin music offline; this is great for when might be lacking internet connectivity.

One of the biggest question a music service has to answer is the one that pertains to content. On this front, Sony Music Unlimited packs a major punch; not shocking, considering we’re talking about, well, Sony here. It boasts more than 30 million songs, which is far from shabby. In reality, it picked up almost every artist I threw at it across genres. I was happy to find entire albums from even obscure artists; it didn’t have ALL, but I think I could be satisfied with the selection. The audio is quite clear (320 kbps High Quality Audio), and no ads to contend with.

The ability to access the premium service on the web, multiple mobile platforms, Playstation consoles/handhelds and compatible Sony electronics adds to its allure.

I think the search engine can be tweaked a good deal; in some of my searches, it seemed to be quite reliant on exactness, which can be a tough with regards to zany spellings of artist names and songs, and even then, finding songs can be infuriating. There are some instances that I think the UI could be a bit more logical off the search too; there were times a song/artist search came up blank when the song was indeed in the catalog.

Yes, the streaming music space is pretty packed for Android, but Sony knows a thing or two about this entertainment, and it brings that knowledge to bear in this product.

Good for us.

Netflix Gets Update

Netflix Gets Update

Oct 7, 2014

The Android Netflix app is getting an update.

Per the Google Play app page, the new update brings:

• In-app profile management
• Enhanced visual search results
• Backgrounded playback with notification for quick resume (on select devices only)

The profile feature is a relatively new feature that allows a Netflix account holder to create content-specific sub-accounts via the web; this is useful for households with, say, kids to create a portion dedicated to the children. It’ll be a welcome addition to the mobile app.

Netflix mobile content for Android users remains free on the Play Store for folks with active subscriptions.

GameTanium Mobile Subscription Service Adds PopCap, RealNetworks, and Glu Mobile

GameTanium Mobile Subscription Service Adds PopCap, RealNetworks, and Glu Mobile

Oct 26, 2011

GameTanium Mobile, the subscription-based Android games service from Exent, has recently announced that they have added some more publishers to their service, including several big names. RealNetworks, PopCap, and Zulu Mobile are now providing games for the service. In particular, PopCap’s titles Plants vs. Zombies, Chuzzle, and Peggle are now available on the service. According to Andrew Stein, Director of Mobile Business Development at PopCap Games: “People play games all the time: at home, on the go, and in between. Our goal is to ensure PopCap games are available on the devices our customers want, and Exent’s distribution network helps us further our progress.” They join other publishers and developers such as Fire Maple Games, HandyGames, Hexage and Connect2Media who are already on the service. While these new games are not yet on the GameTanium service, their games should be arriving soon, providing yet another way to get a copy of Peggle for those who are way too addicted to the game.

GameTanium Mobile to Offer Subscription-Based Access to Android Titles

GameTanium Mobile to Offer Subscription-Based Access to Android Titles

Jul 19, 2011

Here’s a thought: what if, instead of the standard mobile method of buying games one at a time, users could instead access a Netflix-esque subscription service to play games? It appears as if GameTanium is attempting to do just that on Android. They offer a similar service on PC for users to stream games to their computer; how the Android version works is that users install the GameTanium app, which then points them to games available on GameTanium. The website promises that these are full games, with neither demos nor ads. The service comes with a free trial that doesn’t require any signup. Some of the games available now include Radiant, Buka, and EVAC from Hexage; Hockey Nations 2010, Space Physics, Dead Runner, and more.

There’s plenty of potential that could come from a model like this – developers could look into this as a way to distribute their games to new Android users without just giving them out as limited-time freebies on services like the Amazon Appstore. The question, of course, is how exactly this works when a user’s subscription ends. The app just installs APKs on a user’s phone – is it possible for users to just keep them, so the subscription is just for access to new games? Video subscription services work because users are easily cut off from material they may want to re-watch once the subscription lapses. Perhaps this is something that GameTanium has considered and is just willing to cut their losses for people that just keep the games without buying a subscription, or for those that cancel their subscriptions. The subscription will be available for $5/month, and they appear to have deals with companies like PopCap, Ubisoft and Namco on the PC side of the service, so there is potential for some big name games to come to GameTanium Mobile. The service requires the abilitiy to install non-Market APKs, and can be downloaded from GameTanium’s website.