Super Heavy Sword Review

Super Heavy Sword Review

Aug 8, 2014

Super Heavy Sword is a classically styled platformer, which aren’t all that common on the Playstore. Monster Robot Studios have freely admitted that the game is a homage to the astonishingly successful Mario games. Indeed the game feels like a mix of Mario 64 and the original Super Mario Bros. With the big N’s reluctance to bring the overalled plumber to Android, can Super Heavy Sword full the gap?

Screenshot_2014-08-04-09-30-46Super Heavy Sword opens with a scene of Pike, the Hero and Lucinda the princess. A bunch of enemies roll in and amazingly don’t kidnap Lucinda but rather begin destroying to land,. Now it’s down to a lone warrior and his girlfriend to stab them all and restore peace.

Super Heavy Sword is a pretty traditional platformer, literally Mario with a sword. Rather than jumping on turtle backs and throwing fireballs the player uses a sword to chop up goblins and monsters. collecting powerups can make this sword longer and yes, heavier for better enemy slicing. There are gaps to leap over, coins to collect and enemies to kill or avoid. Some direction is added by the medallion system. To proceed to later levels and ultimately finish the game, a series of medallions must be collected.

Screenshot_2014-08-06-09-03-00Just like Mario 64’s Stars, medallions are gained from completing various tasks. Selecting different medallions from the pre-level screen changes the actual level layout however, something that never happened in Mario 64. For example, the medallion for grabbing 7 blue coins adds coins and blocks that were not in the level for earlier medallions. This is a good feature and gives levels plenty of replay value. It makes the game more engaging that basic running and jumping. Between levels there also mini levels, like boss fights (based on the Hammer Brothers) and coin collecting competitions.

Super Heavy Sword is a little rough around the edges however. The game has a rather low framerate and the animation is very basic, particularly for enemies. A major annoyance is that the game restarts whenever it is minimized or the device enters sleep mode which is aggravating since levels are at least a few minutes long and often longer and having to restart if the device times out or a call is received can be frustrating.

The game looks nice though with warm looking pixel graphics with plenty of personalty. It certainly emulates Mario closely, right down to the pre-level screen showing the medallions to be collected and. The sound is also very similar to Mario. Pike even yahoos when he is selected and much of the music and fanfares are very familiar to gamers.

Super Heavy Sword gets challenging fast and it is always an enjoyable game so platformer fans are likely to stick with it for a long time.

Super Heavy Sword is fun stuff and has really cute graphics. It is a nice change from cutesy non swordy platformers and anyone who misses having Mario on their mobile phone should pick it up.

Monster Robot Announces Super HEAVY Sword, Releasing Soon

Monster Robot Announces Super HEAVY Sword, Releasing Soon

Jan 27, 2014

Monster Robot Studios, purveyors of 2D platformers such as Heavy Sword and Steam Punks, are showing off their latest game: Super Heavy Sword. Boasting a more detailed pixel art style inspired by the Super NES, this game should be in players’ hands real soon. We’ll have more on it as it nears launch.