Super Knights Review

Super Knights Review

Feb 8, 2013

Grappling hooks. They’re one of my favorite gameplay mechanics, and yet they’re so underused, especially on Android. Thus, I welcomed the release of Super Knights, from the creators of Rotastic, on to the platform of the green robot. This arcade-style game has players launching grappling hooks at fixed points in midair, that causes them to start circling around it. Collecting gems to earn points is the goal; players release at the right moments to launch in the necessary direction to go get other gems. Players can also reverse direction, which helps with not just navigating levels, but in avoiding the enemies and bombs that start to populate the levels.

What this mechanic allows players to do is to just get lost in it. It’s so easy to just swing around from peg to peg, then letting go and floating through the air to get to the next set of gems, and then that next set, and the next one, then the next one, just getting into that rhythm before the realization that wow, I’ve actually been spending a lot more time playing this than I thought. It’s a very good feeling, that sublime addiction that takes hold. This is just a wonderful gameplay mechanic.

The game was originally released on iOS as Knights of the Round Cable, which is a vastly superior name to the generic Super Knights, which should be the name of the sequel for Super Nintendo. It’s free to play, but the monetization is well-handled; players playing for free can get a few additional hearts and extra characters unlocked pretty easily, but some of the powerups and later upgrades will be most easily obtained through the doling out of real-world money. Still, that will take some time to reach that point, and hey, it’s probably wise to pay at least a little bit at that point. There are opportunities to earn free gems for connecting to social media as well.

Super Knights is well worth the download: it has one of my favorite gameplay mechanics, is done in a fun way, and is free to try. Go check it out.