Super Mega Runners Review

Super Mega Runners Review

May 30, 2014

Something games forget to do these days is to bring a smile on my face when I’m gaming. Most of the games we’re playing are much too serious. Seriousness is cool at times, but there is room for something lighter. Something funnier. Something that brings a smile on my face. Super Mega Runners does just that.


Super Mega Runners is a two dimensional endless runner as one would expect it to be. Players take on the roll of a random hero and run through different stages, collecting whatever is neccesary and survive waves of enemies and obstacles. Only in Super Mega Runners, the hero is not random. Well, maybe the characters aren’t, the choices are very much so Players get to choose between Abraham Lincoln, B.A. Baracus or something that looks like Duke Nukem. Each character has his own running and jumping mechanic, with Lincoln being the standard version, the Duke the slowest and B.A. the one who can jump much further than the other runners.

The game takes his inspiration from the eighties. The overall theme is Super Mario Bros., with his blue sky, collectible coins and breakable blocks. The enemies come from games like Dragon Quest and Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Western release, that is) and the music is one hell of a trip down the lane of nostalgia. It is a mix of all those classic Nintendo Entertainment System games and made me feel I was teleported twenty years back in time. Combined with the look of the game, all the recognizable enemies and power-ups, I can truly say that the developer has put a lot of effort into the overall design of this endless runner. With it, it has distinguished itself from the rest and that’s pretty hard to do these days.

So yeah, I can really recommend playing Super Mega Runners if the player is around 25 or older. It has put me in a mood of nostalgia since the first time I’ve played it and I’m loving it thus far. Even the difficulty curve is somewhat like the old Mario games. Easy to begin with, but it gets harder with every jump the player makes. But it is always fun to play – and, more importantly, brought a smile to my face, with every playthrough.