Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Review

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Review

Mar 28, 2013

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is a whimsical game from Adult Swim games.

It’s a two-minute color-matching sprint that forced me to combine quick wits and finger dexterity to keep the gang of hungry, freaky monsters happy by tossing them condos from a stack of multicolored structures. In a subtle ode to Tetris, I couldn’t afford to let the stack get too high, or the peeved monsters would topple the unnatural high-rise, ending the game.

It had some interesting backstory for each monster (blue, green, red, yellow). Most of the source material had to do with nuclear exposure and/or experiments gone wrong. Either way, these little nuggets (along with a detailed How To Play section) helped flesh the gameplay out a good deal.

The graphics were interestingly rendered, with emphasis put on the bright colors (obviously); the monsters exemplified the deliberately zany look of the game as a whole. It looked fun, made use of plenty of awesome animations and also did well with angling and shadows. Even the little people scurrying in the cutscenes worked well to add character to the game.

My biggest job, as noted, was to prevent the ever-rapidly formed tower of buildings from getting too high and then pushed over. To prevent this, I had to swipe condos towards one of the two monsters on either side. It was better to get the monsters a condo that matched their respective colors. Additionally, I got points for effecting same collor 3-condo combos that converted to a bronze multiplier. Even cooler, the bronze could be upgraded to Silver, and then to gold, though it took a bit of work to do that.

The developer also incorporated level-topping Goals into the game. The goals were things like point thresholds, or doing an activity while a particular monster’s power was active. It was possible to unlock Boosts, and I thought the spinning wheel was a great touch. The in-app store could be used for stuff as well.

SMAMC was a lively game that stimulated my competitive juices and had me enjoying it immensely.