Clash Royale Update Brings Tournaments and More

Clash Royale Update Brings Tournaments and More

Jul 5, 2016

Popular battling game Clash Royale is getting an update, and this update brings a pretty juicy new feature: tournaments. The update also brings a bit more, detailed below:


– Introducing a massive new feature: Tournaments!

– Battle nearby players for Tournament Trophies!

– Climb the tournament leaderboard to earn HUGE Tournament Chests!


– New Common Card: Ice Spirit

– New Epic Card: Bowler

– New Legendary Cards: Lumberjack & The Log


– New Arena: Frozen Peak unlocks at 2300 Trophies

– Achievements: New tournament achievements


– Card Balance: We’ve re-balanced several cards, visit to find out more

As noted, it’s a big one; we definitely liked this one when we tried it out. It remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Clash of Clans Gets an Update

Clash of Clans Gets an Update

May 30, 2016

Massively popular game Clash of Clans just received an update.


Play a huge update full of brand new content!
• Friendly Challenges: Attack clanmates, keep your army!
• Two new troops: Baby Dragon and Miner
• Two new spells: Clone Spell and Skeleton Spell
• New upgrade levels and more!

The game is free, with optional in-app purchases.

Clash Royale Gets New Content via Update

Clash Royale Gets New Content via Update

May 5, 2016

Clash Royale is getting better and stronger via an update which is bringing a host of new things.


– New Common Card: Fire Spirits
– New Rare Card: Furnace
– New Epic Card: Guards
– New Legendary Cards: Lava Hound, Miner, Sparky
– Gold: Receive Gold for each win, even when your chest slots are full
– Crown Chest: Contains twice as much!
– TV Royale: Watch the best battles from any Arena
– Friendly Battles: Spectate Friendly Battles live and throw confetti!
– Card Balance: We’ve re-balanced a few cards, visit to find out more

It certainly caught our fancy when we reviewed it; the update is available now on Google Play.

Clash Royale Review

Clash Royale Review

Apr 8, 2016

In an increasingly saturated mobile app market, it is definitely hard to make a name for oneself; having a well-received big brother on the Play Store is definitely a benefit.

Clash Royale, from Supercell — yes, that Supercell — definitely has just that.

The graphics are fun to behold… deliberate, somewhat whimsical characterizations on a colorful background template. The main action is imbibed via a top-down view. The game incorporates animations that help the action along, and they do add visual pop that helps keep one engaged. From fireballs to marching duos, it comes together quite well, and even the side screens feel genially done. there’s detail in the little things — arrows look like arrows, for instance — and even the occasional dragon is easy spot and enjoy.clash3

The sounds are quite appropriate, and all connect with the eye candy component.

If the game feels somewhat familiar — as in, say, Clash of Clans — the similarities are well-intentioned, as both games share creative DNA. This one stands firmly on its own, and the seven-part hands on tutorial helps one understand the flow of the action.

The main idea is to win PVP battles; at the base level, there are three enemy towers, and three home towers. Intuitively, one wants to take out the opponent towers before that person returns the favor.

Like any tower defense game worth its salt, this one has troops (cards) of different abilities, and one has a limited, rechargeable amount of “elixir” which is used to deploy these different pieces. Deployment does two things; they can generally attack enemy installations, and may even be able to take on enemy troops that are attacking one’s home towers. Since each piece has its own attributes, and also because one has to wait for recharging (plus different pieces have different costs), one has to deploy with a semblance of strategy. Each side gets a king’s tower and two sentry towers, and protecting the king is paramount. The cards run the gamut, bringing fantastical fighting personnel to the fore.

It boils down to a timed war of attrition, if time passes without a clearly winner, the game starts a sudden death overtime period.

Cool stuff, really.

There are a lot of other pieces, like chests of goodies, the upgradeability of the cards, the ability to collect other cards and create battle sets, achievements and more. Gems and gold coins make things happen, and can be supplemented by real cash if one wants to expedite processes. Players can level up, and some things (like selecting clans) are based on one’s level.

The game does slow down, creading a faux energy requirement, but it is possible to go rounds and rounds if one is willing to forego some payouts.

Altogether, it’s an engaging caper, if a bit overwhelming; simply put, it has great appeal.

Boom Beach Review

Boom Beach Review

Jun 30, 2014

Boom Beach has an interesting premise. The player, commanding an unnamed army seeks to liberate a beautiful archipelago from the evil Blackguard, an army that has occupied the area and is using the natives for slave labour and repressing them. Starting off with a tiny base on an island, the player must expand their base, train an army and take back the islands from the Blackguard, one chunk of dirt at a time.

Screenshot_2014-06-28-00-36-43Boom Beach plays a lot like Clash of Clans. The biggest difference is that it uses squads of troops rather than the single soldiers in CoC. This looks a lot more realistic and feels much more like fighting a war. Since Boom Beach takes places on a group of islands units appear on ambitious transports before they storm the beach front, Normandy style. This is a huge improvement on the way armies just pop into existence in similar games.

Unlike Clash of Clans, only one building can be built or upgraded at once both building and upgrading buildings take a long time. Even the most basic unit of troops takes 5 minutes to create and resource acquisition is even slower. It is hard to really play Boom Beach for more than a few minutes at a time.

Screenshot_2014-06-27-18-58-05Boom Beach’s combat is likely to be very familiar. Troops are largely independent once deployed, attacking enemies and buildings as they seem fit. For the first time in this style of game a flare can be used to order units where to move to. The units will either move to the flare’s position or attack the building the flare is over. This is very useful for getting troops to attack guard towers or other dangerous foes if they’re distracted with attacking less threatening targets.

However, Boom Beach is just not compelling. There are just too many limiting factors. Combat is quite dull because there is very limited unit variety and it lacks the unique, interesting forces that were available in Clash of Clans.

Boom Beach lacks any kind of guild or clan system, which makes the game as a whole feel pretty lonesome. There is just not a lot to do, expect tap on buildings and attack the AI.

At least Boom Beach looks very nice. The lush, tropical isles, white sandy beaches and turquoise water are a great change for the genre and units looks good and animate well. The sound is very good as well. Some great ambient music suits the isle atmosphere very well and sound effects get the job done. The game is overall very polished.

Boom Beach is not a great game, but it really could be. With faster progression, shorter timers and more community features, Boom Beach could be something special. As it is though there are better games of this type on Android.

Boom Beach from Supercell Coming Soon to Android, Currently Soft-Launched

Good news for everyone hooked on Clash of Clans, looking for a respite: Supercell’s newest game is soon on its way to Android. Boom Beach has soft-launched in Germany and Finland on Android. The game has been out on iOS for a few weeks now after a soft-launch period of several months there, so hopefully this one releases to the general public in not too long. Expect more of the strategic gameplay that will find a way to suck out a ton of money that Clash of Clans has become known for.

Source: Android Community

Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans Review

Nov 13, 2013

Clash of Clans, the mighty city building combat game hit has finally made its way to Android. Did it make the journey intact?

Clash of Clans plonks the player down with a Town Hall and not much else. From there the player builds (and upgrades) resource buildings to support the base, military buildings, base defenses and an army of hairy, sword wielding barbarians to destroy their enemies. Many kinds of troops are on offer. Archers, while less hairy are great for picking off enemies behind walls and Giants work well to soak up hits while other warriors tear the enemy apart.

Clash of Clans features both a single player campaign about crushing the ever evil goblins and earning resources along the way and a major multiplayer element.

Screenshot_2013-11-13-06-28-51The single player campaign missions are decent enough, presenting a greater challenge with every mission. They work well to familiarize the player with the troops on offer and give them a resource boost.

Of course the main focus of Clash of Clans is multiplayer. Any one of thousands of online clans can be joined. Joining a clan gains valuable allies that can send troops to aid the base. Clans compete to earn the most trophies and these are ranked on a global clan leaderboard. Trophies signify status and are earned by fighting and winning multiplayer battles or successfully defending the base.

Actual combat in Clash of Clans is easy to learn but there are so many things to master. At a basic level it’s as simple as just tapping and holding to deploy troops and they will automatically move to attack a nearby enemy or building. Of course the enemy has troops and defences too and it’s important to match the correct kind of troop to the situation, such as having tough giants taking hits from enemy defences, while the swordsmen bust though their wall and archers shoot at enemies behind the wall to stop them killing off Barbarians. Battles are short, but sharp and very enjoyable.

Screenshot_2013-11-12-21-53-33Clash of Clans is a freemium game and there are quite a lot of timers involved. This is more of an issue early in the game when there is little to do other than upgrade a lot of buildings and slowly wait for the base to construct. As usual, a premium currency can be used to speed things up and CoC hands out currency for completing achievements pretty often so there is usually enough to get by.

Clash of Clans looks great. Troops and buildings are full of personality and they even change as they are upgraded. Battles are great fun to watch.

Soundwise, Clash of Clans is excellent. Battles are suitably loud and clangy and base construction sounds like it should. Some pleasant music helps the game along as well.

Clash of Clans is a premier game that has made the move from iOS completely intact. It’s good fun and should be a lot of fun to any RTS fan.