Google Opinion Rewards Get Usability Improvements via Update

Google Opinion Rewards Get Usability Improvements via Update

Feb 5, 2016

Google Opinion Rewards has always been a relatively easy way to procure Google Play credits; now, via an update rolling out now, it adds some refinements.

Per Google Play:


• New opt-in flow for location based surveys.
• Improved reliability of receiving notifications.

The app is free on Google Play.

Infographic: What Android Users Actually Want from Their Phones

Infographic: What Android Users Actually Want from Their Phones

Aug 13, 2015

It’s the question that plagues smartphone vendors and app developers since the dawn of pocket computing: what do users really want?

Peel, the popular remote replacement application, recently commissioned a survey to find out, and the answers are interesting.

Per the official summary:

– Over 52% of 1000 Android users surveyed say that remote functionality is important to their next phone purchase.

– Of the 400 iPhone/iPad users surveyed, 42% are interested in an IR blaster in their next phone.

– Perhaps most importantly, Android users identified smart remote functionality as a key factor in upgrading to a new smartphone, second only to advanced camera features.

Clearly (according to this survey), TV control is an important feature with regards to selecting specific Android devices.

Here’s a nifty aid that quantifies the collected data visually:


Peel Co-founder and CEO Thiru Arunachalam talks about the increasing use scenarios for smartphones. “While they have emerged globally as a major new use case for smartphones, universal remote capabilities are even more desirable in developing regions because of the wider range of devices they can control in the home such as air conditioners, ceiling fans and heaters,” he says.

It is definitely an interesting batch of data, and it points to the fact that more people look to see that their smartphone hardware does, well, more.

For more information, check out Peel Smartphone app page. More analysis can be gleaned from Peel’s blog post.

[]via Peel Blog Post]

Google Opinion Rewards Gets Update that Adds History

Google Opinion Rewards Gets Update that Adds History

Oct 17, 2014

Google Opinion Rewards, the app that pays Android users for the privilege of answering surveys, is getting an update.

The update brings a long-requested feature: the ability to view the history of answered surveys. With the new update, beneath the dollar value of credits earned, one will find a listing of survey transactions, dates taken and amount earned.

This is especially useful for folks who have been using the app in the last year or so since it has been around; credits expire after a year of being earned, so unless one is formally keeping dates, it’s easy to forget and lose credits down the line.

Google Opinion Rewards continues to be an app that rewards users with the occasional credits for taking the random questionnaires. The credits can be used on anything carried on the Play Store, with one important caveat: payments cannot be split, so if a purchase is made using garnered credits, only the credits can be used. if there are not enough credits to purchase the item, one must use another form of payment entirely.

The app is available for free on the Play Store.

Source: Google Play]