Age of Zombies Review

Age of Zombies Review

Jun 10, 2011

It seems like forever ago that Age of Zombies came out on Android as an Xperia Play exclusive. Well, finally, the rest of us get a chance to play this dual-stick shooter from Halfbrick Studios and see what we’ve been missing out on.

In Age of Zombies, you control Barry Steakfries as he travels through time, blasting zombies that have been released into the past. You start off in the prehistoric era, surrounded by zombie cavemen. Your standard weapon is the pistol, but you get temporary upgrades to other weapons as they randomly pop up, like shotguns, SMGs and more, including my personal favorite, the buzzsaw! There’s nothing quite like mowing through a horde of zombies with a giant, spinning blade to paste a big grin across my face. You also have a small supply of grenades to turn a mob of brain-hungry zombies into a blazing bonfire of the undead. It’s a lot of fun.

You have to eliminate all the zombies in each of 3 areas across 5 different eras, giving you a total of 15 zombie-filled stages. Before you can leave an era, however, you have to go through an insane boss fight with some pretty tough characters, like a zombie t-rex! Then, when you’re done with Story Mode, you get to see how long you can last in Survival Mode, fighting off waves of zombies as you try to build up a high enough score to rise to the top of the leader boards.

Age of Zombies brings a good, tongue-in-cheek approach to the world of zombie survival. Barry is awfully fond of his one-liners, even if they come up flat every now and then, and the caricatures of period-appropriate zombies keeps things fresh as you progress through the game. Zombie cavemen, zombie gangsters, zombie mummies, zombie ninjas and… zombie alien cyborgs. I guess things get a little nuts in the future.

Players get plenty of options when it comes to controls. You can either have “floaty” controls that pop up when you touch the screen and move relative to how you move your thumb, or you can have static controls that are always visible. You can even adjust the size of the stick area, custom tailoring the experience to your style of play.

Halfbrick did their best to bring something new to the dual-stick shooter genre, and while Age of Zombies may not play all that different from industry standards, it sure does bring a lot of heart and character. Fun graphics, great gameplay, funny dialog and characters that all add up to a fantastic game. Although it may be a bit short, it’s a lot of fun to play again and again. We’ve been waiting a long time for this one, and it’s good to see that Age of Zombies delivers!