Survivalcraft Review

Survivalcraft Review

May 13, 2013

Survivalcraft is an interesting sandbox adventure that is very reminiscent of the sandbox cross-platform game Minecraft.

To be honest, it was pretty hard to see Survivalcraft outside of the shadow if the game it’s cloned from. A lot of the elements were similar. A careful look, however, did reveal things that made the former somewhat unique in its own right.

The game came in three modes: harmless, challenging, cruel, and creative. I was also able to tweak the conditions of the world in some of the game modes by toggling living conditions, weather and even time changes. There were a lot of options that changed the feel of the game, and thus increased the playability of the game. Folks familiar with Minecraft won’t be disappointed.

The basic premise played out like a Mark Burnett-inspired reality show: I was marooned by a sea vessel on an unfamiliar island, and had to use my ability to adapt to survive. The playing perspective was first person, and the graphics were a combination of block shapes and stark colors. The animations were purposely stilted, and the surv1appearance gave it all an understated charm. I could toggle views (like from first to third), and was able to move and crouch with the controls, and swipe to turn or glance around.

Now, a lot of the gameplay depended on the mode selected; basically, I had to do what was necessary to survive. The developer did a good job of making the gameplay feel realistic; crouching in water was lethal, as was being unprotected at night or not procuring and consuming enough sustenance. Mining and creating things out of my immediate surroundings helped me survive, as did avoiding natural dangers that lurked.

The thing I liked best about this game was the infinite perspective. I liked the ability to use stuff like electricity, horses and electricity.

For a clone, it was fun to play, and as noted, wasn’t a mirror image, which made it worthwhile to try.