Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Launches, Includes Android Debuts of Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Launches, Includes Android Debuts of Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo

Nov 19, 2013

The Humble Mobile Bundles keep getting bigger and better. The latest bundle, the Humble Mobile Bundle 3, contains six high-quality Android games, including two Android debuts.


Ridiculous Fishing: Vlambeer just announced the Android version of their action fishing game the other day, and now it makes its debut as part of the bundle for those who pay above the average. It’s a two-part game: players descend their lure deep into the ocean, trying to avoid fish (with tools to survive multiple hits and drill through them earned later on), and once they reach the bottom or hook one, come back up trying to get as many as they can, then shooting them in the air to collect fat stacks of cash. Just like real fishing.

Swordigo: This hack ’n slash platformer makes its Android debut as well, for anyone who backs the bundle. Fight through monsters and bosses, collecting upgrades along the way, for the glory of blue-haired sword-swingers everywhere!


Epoch: This Unreal-powered shooter has players jumping from cover to cover, taking out their robotic opponents along the way. A looping mechanic inspired by Infinity Blade is also present for replayability.

Rymdkapsel: This base-building simulation game, released a few months ago on Android, is a slow burn, with players steadily building out their base using tetrominos and then trying to defend from alien attackers, but it’s quite the experience.


Spelltower: Zack Gage has been on record as not being a fan of word games. Thus, there’s a sort of irony that he’s most well-known for Spelltower, which is decidedly a word game, albeit one that plays as much with puzzle mechanics like the physical placement of letter blocks, and how the moves affect them. It’s pretty good – now Android just needs the game that inspired Spelltower: Puzzlejuice.

Kingdom Rush: The original flavor of the hit tower defense series is also available for those who back for above the average: this is one of the most-acclaimed tower defense games on mobile, and considering how many mobile tower defense games there are, then that’s saying something!

The bundle lasts through December 3rd, and there’s sure to be more goodies added on Tuesday, the 26th, so keep an eye out for more!