Swype Keyboard Adds Emoji Prediction and a Lot More

Swype Keyboard Adds Emoji Prediction and a Lot More

Jan 28, 2017

Swype is one of the preeminent third-party keyboards on Android,and its latest update brings a WHOLE lot.

The latest build brings improvements to handwriting, new options, new languages, emoji predictions and more.

Per Google Play, version 3.0.1 brings:

Emoji predictions based on your text content
Number Row option
Hide Secondaries option
Text Engine Improvements
Handwriting Improvements
Chinese Handwriting Multiple Character Recognition
Languages and Keyboards:
– Uyghur keyboard
– Kashmiri Devanagari predictive language database
– Russian KDB for Russian and Kirghyz languages
– Improvements to Thai, Lao, Khmer

We certainly loved Swype when we checked it out way back when; it can be had for $0.99 on the Play Store (there is also a free trial available).

[Our Swype Review]

Swype Gets an Update

Swype Gets an Update

May 26, 2016

Swype just got a quick update.


Korean keyboards – CJI+, Naratgul & Sky
Added a set of India languages
Language database refresh
Bug fixes and optimizations

Swype costs $0.99 on the Play Store; a free trial version is available as well.

Swype Gets Premium Halloween and Sports Theme

Swype Gets Premium Halloween and Sports Theme

Oct 26, 2015

Swype is adding some premium seasonal themes to get folks in the Halloween spirit; additionally, it just added a bunch of new themes (including sports ones) via the same update.

Per the relevant Swype forum post:


October 22, 2015 – New Themes!

65 new themes are now available on Swype for Google Play!

New themes include Halloween themes, brand new Star Trek themes (with and without alt keys – you choose!), national flags and an all new Klingon Bird-of-Prey theme.

We checked out Swype a while back, and really liked the concept, in addition to its intuitive nature of the software; it is available on Google Play for $0.99, with a separate free trial version.


[via Swype forum post]

Swype Keyboard Gets Star Trek Themes and More via Update

Swype Keyboard Gets Star Trek Themes and More via Update

Aug 27, 2015

Swype Keyboard is looking to improve the experience for its users, as evidenced by its latest update, which should please Trekkies everywhere.

Per the Google app page:


Emoji Keyboard
New Swype Store with premium themes featuring Star Trek
New Languages – Lao and Uzbek Latin
Improved auto-correction
Various crash and bug fixes (thanks for reporting!)

We had an opportunity to review the well regarded keyboard soon after it became available on Google Play, and liked it; it is available for $0.99, and there is a limited-time free trial.

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My App Addiction: Swype Keyboard

My App Addiction: Swype Keyboard

Feb 11, 2015

Years ago, I left Palm for snazzy, compact productivity animal known as the BlackBerry Curve. It had programs, companion desktop software and, most importantly, the best physical QWERTY keyboard in existence. Man… no need for false modesty here: I was BEAST. One handed goodness, email command became my hobby.

In short, at that point, I knew nothing could tear me away from using a BlackBerry device. By nature, I love to try out new forms of technology, but with regards to a main productivity tool, I simply did not see how I could find something as natural to use.

I remember getting my hands on the original iPhone. Fantastic concept, but pecking on glass was something I just couldn’t cotton to. I did meet people that were proficient as it, but I couldn’t replicate my physical keyboard typing speed on it.

Then, one day, I tried out Swype, a beta third-party keyboard, on the now-ancient HTC Hero.


I was blown away by the “swiping” concept, which allows a user to glide fingers across the keyboard to form words instead of conventional pecking. The built-in dictionary can be tweaked, and the recently added phrase correction is a great touch. The app also supports Dragon Dictation, multiple languages, emoji, themes, cloud-supported custom dictionary and more.

With a little practice, I was able to start swiping with ease. Now, I can use it single-handedly with either hand, which is great functionality to have. The voice key is another tool I use extensively, and I admit that I actually change the theme of the keyboard based on how I feel.

This was the one app that allowed me to fully adopt a new platform. Trust me when I say that is pretty major. At the end of the day, there are several worthy competitors, and i have no problem trying them out. frequently, even.

In the end, I keep coming home to Swype. It all but defines the term “addiction.”

Swype Keyboard Gets Big Update

Swype Keyboard Gets Big Update

Feb 5, 2015

Swype, one of the most popular virtual keyboards is getting a big update which is rolling out currently.

The new update brings floating functionality, new themes, new languages and a whole lot more.

Full details are below:

Intuitive Emoji support in 8 Languages: English (+UK), FR, IT, DE, ES, KR, CN
3 New FREE Themes: Material light, dark, & high-visibility (Bumblebee)
Floating keyboard: Move the keyboard anywhere
New languages: Vietnamese Telex, German CH, Italian CH, Burmese Zawgyi, Sinhala
Korean Initial Consonant Input added: enable in Settings
Added a return key to apps that supply a smiley by default
Performance improvements related to connected services
Many bug fixes (thanks for reporting!)

We had an opportunity to review Swype when it first became available on the Play Store; there is a free trial available, plus the premium version cost 0.99 (with optional in-app purchases).

[Sources: Google Play]

Swype Update Brings Premium MLS Themes and More

Swype Update Brings Premium MLS Themes and More

Aug 21, 2014

Swype Keyboard, the award-winning third-party keyboard from Nuance Communications, has just received an update, and it most probably will be a welcome one for fans of Major League Soccer.

Most notably, there are a host of new premium keyboard themes based on MLS teams, so users can now deck their keyboards in the distinct colors and crest of their favorite soccer team.

The MLS-branded themes can be unlocked for $1.99 each. The standard, stock themes remain.

Version 1.6.19 also brings:

Significant UI updates and improvements for all themes
Many bug fixes and optimizations
Updated default Korean dictionary
Fixed missing Pinyin delimiter on Pinyin keyboard
Fixed crashes reported by users

We had an opportunity to review Swype when it was first released, and liked it a lot; it is available for $0.99 on the Play Store (with a full-fledged 30-day trial available as well).

FlexT9 and Dragon Creator Nuance Acquires Swype

FlexT9 and Dragon Creator Nuance Acquires Swype

Oct 7, 2011

Nuance, who are most well-known for their Dragon line of voice recognition products, have reportedly acquired Swype, creators of the well-known finger-tracing keyboard that comes preloaded on many phones. The price for Swype? A cool $100 million.

Note that Nuance makes the FlexT9 keyboard, which comes with its own finger-swiping mechanism. Thus, this makes the buyout even more confusing. The most likely hypothesis behind this acquisition, beyond unfounded speculation over legal wrangling, may go as this: Nuance wants to get close with the manufacturers the way that Swype has been doing. Swype has deals to put their keyboard in stock installations of many Android phones. Because Nuance offers their own speech to text software that FlexT9 uses, one way to drastically increase the usership of this over a competitor like Google would be to get their service used by millions of Android owners by default, by getting their product in Swype.

What this means for the future of the two products FlexT9 and Swype is unclear; will FlexT9 absorb Swype’s tracing, hopefully combining it with FlexT9’s typing keyboard with superior autocorrect? Will FlexT9 be abandoned for a Swype with Dragon voice support? Some entirely different fate altogether? Questions abound, and time will show what the future of both keyboards will be.

Source: This is my Next

Swype Beta Still Open

Swype Beta Still Open

Dec 30, 2010

10 days ago Swype announced the re-opening of Swype Beta for the holidays. I was under the impression that this offer was only going to be open for a few days but I have been informed that it is still open to anyone who wishes to download it. They have stated that this is indeed a limited time deal but they haven’t quite decided on how “limited.” This is great news for anyone who has been trying to get their fingers on an “official” copy of Swype Beta or for those who are curious about Swype.

SlideIT Keyboard

SlideIT Keyboard

Sep 10, 2010

Ah touchscreens. We love them, yet we hate typing on them. Since before the days of Palm Pilot, developers have been thinking up creative ways to get text in to small screens. Recently, a certain type of input has become really hot—that is tracing your finger along an on-screen qwerty instead of tapping on individual keys. And for Android, there is only one of these available…in the Market. It’s called SlideIT, and while it has some stiff competition in the space, it really hold its own as an innovative and convenient way to get your thoughts from brain to screen.