Free App Recap January 8 – System Cleaner Apps

Free App Recap January 8 – System Cleaner Apps

Jan 8, 2013

Mobile phone users tend to forget they are holding little computers in their hands all day. And like any computer, these phones and tablets need to be taken care of. One of the most overlooked type of apps in the Google Play Store is the System Cleaner and Maintenance apps. These apps can clear out a lot of the junk kept by an Android phone or tablet during daily use.

Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner quickly cleans out a lot of the temporary folders and histories used during the daily use of an Android device. When the app turns on, there is an ad overlay. Tap the “X” in the to right corner to access the check boxes. The check boxes have the different options to clean up. Cleaning out things like the App cache and the temporary internet files will make the device run a little smoother and use less battery power.

Download Smart Cleaner

SD Maid – System cleaning tool

SD Maid is an app for rooted devices only. Having root access allows access to a lot more information and places on the device. For example, SD Maid can show the biggest files and find out what is hogging all the space. Also, the corpse finder looks through the device for dormant directories and compares them to the list of installed applications. This makes it a breeze to find files not needed and just taking up space.

Download SD Maid – System cleaning tool

Clean Master (Cleaner)

Fighting temporary files and keeping an Android running smoothly is a never ending challenge. Clean Master had a unique cleaning method exclusive in Clean Master v2.1, to get rid of the files generated by popular apps easily and automatically. Apps like whatsapp, Pinterest and Spotify all create junk files that eat up valuable space. Clean Master also releases RAM from apps that don’t need it making the Android run faster and use less battery.

Download Clean Master (Cleaner)