Crowdfunding Spotlight: Table Zombies on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Table Zombies on Kickstarter

Mar 5, 2014

Augmented reality is one of those things that has gone sadly underused in gaming, having largely been used for novelty purposes. However, Table Zombies wants to use augmented reality to help make gaming more immersive with the help of their Kickstarter project, which is this week’s featured project on Crowdfunding Spotlight!

Table Zombies is an aerial zombie shooting game, where players must defend their posts from the oncoming undead. By pointing their camera-enabled device at a printed augmented reality square, this creates the environment and allows players to take out enemies from anywhere with a flat surface. Hence the name Table Zombies.

The cool thing about augmented reality for this purpose is that by creating a virtual world with the AR marker, players can get in and look around the world, interacting with it to a greater degree than if it were just on a screen. It looks like it pops out of the real world. As well, the marker can be turned in order for players to get to rotate the world as they will, which is a rather clever twist – pun intended!


The pledge system is interesting in that it’s not just possible to get one copy of the game at this point, but by paying a minimum of $5 AUD, backers get four free copies of the game for Android, which they can then give to friends. The plan is for the game to launch at $1.99 AUD, so this is still a discount. A $1 tier was available for the first 8 backers. Higher tiers can chances to vote for zombie model designs, get AR-enabled postcards, and even AR-enabled t-shirts, because who doesn’t want a zombie uprising happening on their chest?

The Kickstarter has already reached its funding goal, with over $2800 AUD pledged toward a $1500 goal. The funding will go toward developing more environments and zombies for the game, along with fulfilling backer rewards. A demo for the game already exists and can be downloaded now: get the game from Google Play here and the AR cards (preferably printed on A3 paper) from here, and give the game a shot, then decide if it’s worth backing, but do it before the end date of March 24th.