TalkBox Voice Messenger Brings Instant Voice Messaging Between Android and iOS Users

You know what problem with text messaging is? IT involves text. Tricky, tricky text. Sometimes things are just hard to put into words. Plus, we use so many services that are character-limited like Twitter and SMS that can make what we want to convey difficult. Or how about sharing silly voices and impersonations? How can Twitter handle that? It can’t! It just cannot! If only there was some kind of app that let us send voice messages to each other! Because I wouldn’t write a post that brings up a problem without suggesting a solution, I introduce for your perusal TalkBox.

This app allows for users to quickly record voice recordings and send them to other users of the service, discovered either through Facebook account linking or from the user’s contacts. By holding down on the push to talk button, the user’s voice is recorded and then immediately sent to the other user in the conversation. They can then send messages back, and users can listen to the messages. The app can either play back through the loudspeaker or phone speaker by holding the phone up to the ear. Users can send more than just their voices to their friends and other TalkBox users, as they can also geotag their messages and include pictures. It’s kind of like the best walkie-talkie ever. Unlike phone calls, voice messages can be left for later listening or to be responded to at a later time. The app also works as a way to tweet voice messages, something few Twitter apps support on any platform, largely due to the lack of easy built-in audio sharing like how photos and videos can easily be recorded and shared.

TalkBox is an app with definite potential usage, featuring cross-platform support with iOS users of the app, and is available for free from the Android Market.