Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tall Tails Puzzle Adventure

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tall Tails Puzzle Adventure

Jun 11, 2014

It has been a while since we have featured a crowdfunded game here on the Spotlight, and this week I have a project that is both deserving and in dire need of backing. The Kickstarter campaign, aptly coined Tall Tails Puzzle Adventure, is a game that revolves around the one thing that everyone on this planet can agree on, and that is cute puppies. These adorable little pups make for perfect mobile gaming fodder, and Tall Tails does not waste the opportunity delivering unexpectedly precious looking cartoon animals within tight, colorful gameplay.

Tall Tails is more that just looks, though, and with the promise of puzzles so hard that your mind will literally break it certainly has a lot to live up to. The details of the puzzles are a little vague, but the core elements revolve around guiding a persistent little pup from one edge of the map to an end tile while using as little “ink” as possible. The game has said to deliver an experience that blends “Flow Free with Happy Birds.” At the moment I am having trouble wrapping my head around that statement, but it certainly sounds ambitious, and who am I to knock them for that.

Overall the art direction of the game looks incredibly strong; everything appears to be well thought out and the bright colors really make the game pop off the screen. This is before looking at the dogs, who, predictably, are almost obnoxiously cute and will surely have teenage girls giggling for hours. A connection to these pups is created by having the player choose one animal at the start of the game who persists through every puzzle. As with similar games there are incentives for finishing levels more efficiently and these coins can be cashed in towards the purchase of clothing and accessories for the player’s dog. This may seem cheesy and overplayed, but these little things are what help similar apps become just that extra bit more addicting, and besides if just one more hour of gameplay is what it takes to dress that dog in an adorable sun hat then it might be worth it.


Alas, this game is still far away from being funded with only half of its ambitious $150,000 goal being backed. There is still a week remaining, however, and new developer Zuul Labs is certainly hoping for a big push at the end of this campaign to help make their puppy fueled dream something that can be enjoyed by pre-teens and puzzle solvers alike.