Talon for Twitter Review

Talon for Twitter Review

Feb 25, 2014

May the Twitter space battles go on; they bring us options like Talon from Twitter.

Getting things going is a simple matter of authorizing Twitter from within the app and giving it a few moments to sync up one’s data. The first thing that jumps out is the styling of the app; the default theme is subtle but determined, with soft grays superimposed on a black background. Twitter handles are handled in orange, and most other text in white. Outside this default theme (“dark” in settings) here is a “light” one (mostly white tweet bubbles on light grey background) and “black” (grey on black). Text size and fonts can be tweaked, and there is an option to load an add-on theme, or to make one’s own using an external theme building app. Looking at the whole package, it’s hard not to appreciate the attention paid to customization options.talon1

Functionally, most information is a gesture away. The default page is the ubiquitous Timeline view. Swiping to the left reveals Mentions and Direct messages after that. Long-pressing a tweet allows it to be manipulated via favoriting, retweeting and replying.tapping a tweet automatically opens up a reply window with mentioned profiles pre-populated. Tapping the menu button gives a few more options like quoting. There is also a three-line menu context nestled in the top left corner, which allows for navigation to one’s profile, trending topics, user lists and more. It’s set up logically, and most operation sequences should be intuitive to Twitter vets.

This app does not have push notifications; we have Twitter’s api policies to thank for that. Instead, it uses a listener option to keep users on top of twitter information. It works with TwitLonger, emoji and even Pebble.

The app allows for two Twitter accounts, which is definitely a plus.

It’s a great looking app, packs a lot of functionality, and seems well worth the $1.99 price tag.