Free App Recap January 22 – Video Chat Apps

Free App Recap January 22 – Video Chat Apps

Jan 22, 2013

Video is getting more and more popular with all aspects of mobile, be it watching video, shooting video or video chatting. Because of the rising desire to see who is on the other end of the chat, I thought I’d talk about what’s different options to video chat. While these aren’t the be-all end-all options out there, they should be good popular choices to try them out.


Skype is probably one of the most well-known video chat apps out there. While the Android version is a bit less feature filled than the desktop app, there’s still the option to use the front facing camera to video chat. For tablet owners, Skype has a great landscape layout utilizing the entire screen. Tablets with cellular access as well as Wi-Fi options, it’s not a bad idea to use it over Wi-Fi. Most of the time connection is a little faster and won’t cause any data overages because of a long video chat.

Download Skype

Tango Text, Voice, Video Calls

Tango is a great and really popular video chat app for Android. Not only can a video chat be easily had, but there’s also an option to send audio messages. Not an audio chat, almost like a voicemail through text. Another nice thing about Tango is there’s no account needed. When logging in for the first time, Tango looks to the contact list to see which friends have Tango already installed. Once that’s done, it’s easy to start video chatting.

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ooVoo offers some pretty cool features not available on many of the video chat options for Android. One example is the 12 way video chat. This can show four of the people chatting on the screen at one time with the ability to switch between any of the other people on the chat. Like the other options, ooVoo can chat with anyone using the available desktop application.

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Tango Video Calling For Android

Tango Video Calling For Android

Oct 6, 2010

The barren desert of free video calling apps for Android just gained a drop of water called Tango. Tango is a free mobile video calling service available for both the iPhone and Android. iPhone people will ask “Why would we need this when we have FaceTime?” Well, because FaceTime only allows video calling between supported Apple devices and can only be used over WI-FI. Tango not only works over WiFi, 3G and 4G, but cross platform, as well.

Tango offers high-quality video calling for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and Android devices including Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, and Google Nexus One. Tango can be used with a front facing camera or with just a rear camera. Being able to be used with rear facing camera phones opens the list of compatible devices to 30 models, including ones from Acer, Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, Pantech and Samsung.

Tango is simple to set up and uses your phone number as your ID so there is no need to setup yet another profile. Tango also reads your contact list and will add anyone from your contacts who use the service to your Tango contacts or you can easily invite friends with one click e-mail or text.

Video calling provides a more personal and fun way to communicate with your friends and family.
We can’t always be around a computer so it’s nice to know you can take this technology with you thanks to services like Tango. You can read the Press Release for more info or visit the Tango website. The Tango app is available and can be downloaded from the Android Market for free.

Source: Tango, via All Things Digital