Stealin Review

Stealin Review

Mar 10, 2016

We’ve been keeping an eye out for Stealin, and we finally got our grubby mitts on it.

Visually, the game uses basic imagery to convey the gameplay: top-down view, land grid and simplistic animations. Our main playing piece is a tank, and it mirrors the feeling of the other parts. The graphics do not distract much, and the sounds give the game somewhat of an arcade feel.

The game plays out thus: use the aforementioned tank to simultaneously carve up and accumulate territory, restrict the movement of the roving stealers while also avoiding said stealers and gaining any collectibles present.

The main control mechanism is gesture swipes, which makes the tank move in the needed direction. The main idea is to move and collect land by riding a line. As noted, the rovers are dangerous, and are to be avoided; they end a run by contact, but also if they touch the unfinished tank trail. Based on how the playing grid in a particular level is presented, one might use any number of scenarios. Does one trap the walkers? Pick up the land in pieces? A mix? As one goes on, the game gets trickier, with more people, gas requirements, different walkers and more. The developer also adds in some strategic advantages, like when one gets a bigger swathe of land versus a smaller one.


On and on it goes, with increasing difficulty, creating an engaging experience that is easy to get lost in as one gets deeper therein. It puts a lot of emphasis on timing and strategy, but also encourages quick adjustments and positive resource management as precursors of success. It’s cool, simple fun that works because it can be consumed at various speeds.

Enjoyable and easy to understand. Double whammy.

Top Tank: Last Tank Standing Now Available on Android

Top Tank: Last Tank Standing Now Available on Android

Sep 26, 2014

NHN Entertainment has just released a new game for Android devices Top Tank: Last Tank Standing.

The game is a real-time FPS that allows for head-to-head combat, and also features a built-in upgrade mechanism. per the official PR release:

NHN Entertainment, a leading mobile game publisher and developer, announced that its newest game, Top Tank: Last Tank Standing, is now available on Google Play. Top Tank is a military-based FPS game that features a matchmaking system that pits players against each other in real-time, head-to-head shootouts worldwide. Players who master the easy-to-play, intuitive, tilt-control system with their mobile device can declare victory in battle and be crowned the Tank Commander.

Top Tank: Last Tank Standing was selected as ‘Google Play New & Updated Games of the Week’ shortly after its Global Launch. Top Tank is designed to engage mobile gamers of all types with its fun and immersive gameplay experience as they pimp their tanks and use them to battle against the strongest tankers around the globe.

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.