Tower Defense Generals Arrives on Google Play

Tower Defense Generals Arrives on Google Play

Jan 25, 2017

We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as too many tower defense games, and thankfully, GameSpire agrees. Consequently, we have a whole new game to check out: Tower Defense Generals TD.

This particular tower defense caper is set in a decidedly military atmosphere, with tanks, turrets and the whole nine yards.

Per the press release, the main features are as follows:

TD Generals features:
★ 18 exciting levels to master.
★ Multiple episodes in varying environments, each with unique gameplay challenges.
★ 12 powerful towers, including laser gun, missile launcher, machine gun and vehicle support. The ultimate TD arsenal!
★ 20 different military enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses.
★ Legendary generals. Each has unique specialties that fit different play styles!
★ Upgrade system allows you to min/max your towers towards your preferred strategy.
★ Three difficulty modes to challenge your tactical skills to the limit.
★ High definition 3D graphics and special effects.
★ Optimized for Android phones and tablets.

The game is free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer below:

Anime Tank Battler ‘Panzer Waltz’ Steams onto Android

Anime Tank Battler ‘Panzer Waltz’ Steams onto Android

Jan 20, 2016

Happy Universe is bringing its whimsical tank RPG Panzer Waltz to Google Play.

Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands! Join Zoe and friends as you discover the reasons behind the appearance of mysterious antagonists and set the world right!
Network connection required

★「Epic Ever-Evolving Stories」★
In a world where WWII takes a different direction, Metal Maidens fight mysterious Machine Beasts! You, the commander, experience troublesome setbacks with these naughty girls as you lead them through life!

★「Gorgeous Anime-Style Fantasy」★
Experience the Live2D visual combat system! Over 200 Metal Maidens, with character-voices, to collect and more to come with regular updates! Obtain Maidens through stories, forges, and research. Feed them, equip them, enhance, and promote them! G-Milk will be your only way to quickly reduce their fatigue!

★「Choice-Filled Explosive Strategy」★
Command multiple attack and defense teams… Your strategies are key to obtaining victory. Take out all you have and faceoff in 6V6 combat; fight through scouting, shelling, contact, and more stages! Watch sparks fly through the unbelievable visual combat system!

★「Deep Technology System」★
Metal Maidens have special technology trees; enhance and promote their combat capabilities through upgrades. Develop and upgrade your HQ, Vaults, Mines, Ports, and other Stations; be comprehensive! Upgrade your ammunition, armor, chassis, engine, and more technologies; Unlock the mysteries of it all!

★★ The trumpets of war sound again! Lead your Maidens into Battle! ★★

The game is free (with in-app purchases).

World of Tanks Blitz Steams onto Android

World of Tanks Blitz Steams onto Android

Dec 4, 2014

For folks that have a thing for mechanized warfare — and honestly, who doesn’t — today brings great news: multi-platform tank battler World of Tanks Blitz has officially launched on Google Play.

From the press release:

World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile free-to-play team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat. Available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, the game puts a mobile twist on traditional dynamic online tank combat.

The game derives its best traits from the original World of Tanks title, introducing an impressive park of vehicles from several tankbuilding superpowers that include agile light tanks, well-rounded medium tanks, powerful heavy tanks, and intimidating tank destroyers. Each class has a set of multiple features, giving unique playing style to every model.

With its simple and handy controls, World of Tanks Blitz lets you control supermassive machines only with your thumbs and helps focus on the combat, while deep game mechanics allow for well-paced gameplay and tactical diversity.

As noted, the game is multi-platform in nature; it is free to play (with optional in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.


Battle of Tanks Review

Battle of Tanks Review

Aug 26, 2014

Battle Of Tanks is another entry in the rather crowded online tank battler. Does it HEAT things up?

Screenshot_2014-08-23-11-06-24Battle of Tanks‘ gameplay is too simple for its own good. There are no mission briefings or story; it is just the player in a tank of their choice. The player just drives around a featureless, treeless field (even if the description mentioned an outpost) using one of three weapons to blast enemy tanks into twisted metal. Weapons include the tank cannon, missiles which are very similar to cannons and machine guns, which are nearly useless.

The game lacks any interesting enemies either. There are no aircraft nor tank destroyers nor infantry, just other tanks firing in random directions.

Screenshot_2014-08-23-11-07-39One of the worst parts of the game though is the environments. Comprised of grassy fields with no interesting cover or things to look at, Battle of Tanks loses nearly all of its tactical potential. Without an environment to move around and take cover behind, the game is little more than a contest of who shoots first, which doesn’t make for exciting gameplay.

Battle of Tanks has very poor graphics. While it is indeed 3D as touted in the game’s description, the game just looks really bad. Most tanks are simply dull colored boxes, with nary a detail to be seen and the game’s environments are extremely poor without even a tree to look at. Explosions are simply expanding orange spheres and enemies all look the same. The resolution is low, the animation is nearly non-existent and Battle of Tanks just looks primitive.

The sound isn’t much better. There are no engine sounds at all, weapons all sound the same and the music is very generic.

Battle of Tanks‘ biggest failing however is its extremely imprecise controls. While it uses a familiar twin stick setup with one to control the tank and one to control the turret, these sticks are incredibly imprecise. Just driving in a straight line or rotating your turret in the general direction of an enemy is a huge pain because the game just won’t react correctly to touch.

Battle of Tanks is a difficult game mainly because it is so hard to move the tank with any kind of grace. Avoiding enemy shots is nearly impossible because often the controls won’t respond and the game spawns tanks behind you often and there is no radar to keep track of where enemies are and no cover to be used.

Battle of Tanks is a very poor game and it is clear from its title it is trying to emulate World of Tanks, but it is little more than a knock off. There are many, many better choices for tank based combat on Android. Check out Iron Force for super fun online tank combat with far better controls and actual environments.

Super Battle Tactics Review

Super Battle Tactics Review

Jul 30, 2014

Super Battle Tactics is a strange combination of random combat and tanks. Will it make you armour-ious?

Super Battle Tactics begins with the player acquiring a team of vehicles. These range from big heavy tanks to lighter, faster attacking jeeps and armored cars. New tanks can be bought, but most of the really good ones are locked behind paywalls or are unreasonably expensive.

Screenshot_2014-07-06-06-27-04Combat in Super Battle Tactics is almost entirely luck based. During each round of combat each tank “rolls” a number. That number is how much damage they do and also controls which tank shoots first. The player has several points to spend per turn, which can be used to reroll numbers, call in additional, more powerful attacks, or select a target enemy for their tanks to fire at. When the player ends the turn, the tanks take turns shooting at each other, randomly if the player did not choose a target. The next round then begins and the cycle repeats. The player to have all their tanks reduced to twsited smoking hunks of metal first loses.

Screenshot_2014-07-06-08-53-17Ultimately, for a game named after battle tactics Super Battle Tactics doesn’t have much in the way of them. The random nature of combat and the lack of skill needed to play make it more an exercise in luck based gaming than anything strategic. The only tactical; thing in the game is basic stuff like selecting targets.

A major problem with Super Battle Tactics is its thoroughly broken matchmaking. The game seems to either always match the player with someone who is much stronger than they are or someone much weaker, leading to either instant death or a kerb stomp battle. This is very frustrating. There is no single player mode, so the broken matchmaking is just something the player has to put up with.

Super Battle Tactics is packed with microtransactions. From whole new tanks, to parts for existing tanks and even chances to get parts for tanks from crates, get ready to pay and pay often for any chance at success. The game also uses an energy system which is very slow. About 5 matches an hour is the limit. There is no real way to properly play Super Battle Tactics without paying real money.

Super Battle Tactics looks decent enough. There are plenty of colourful tanks to choose from and an interesting game show based presentation adds a bit of flair. The sound is pretty decent as well and guns sound nice and punchy.

Super Battle Tactics is beset by issues and relies heavily on a pay to win mentality. With little fun on offer, there is little reason to play Super Battle Tactics.

Super Tank Arena Battles Review

Super Tank Arena Battles Review

Jul 25, 2014

In Super Tank Arena Battles, we get the to see our favorite weapons (tanks) go head to head in our favorite fight environment (an arena). It just gets even more hyper from there.

It’s a simple looking game, but still manages to impress graphically, with the opening menu made up of cheery animations and pastels guiding the text. Here, amongst other options, we are presented with 5 game modes: Survival, Catch The Flag, One On One, Mines Rush and Hardcore Survival.The first is open, while the others need a threshold of some sort needed to unlock successive modes.

Tapping to get into Survival launches one headfirst into the basics; as the title suggests, it is an arena stab1fighter, and the main playing area is dark. Artistically, this allows the colored tanks that roam the playing area and other elements to really pop out.

The “home” tank can be controlled by dragging, which works as the main control since the tank perpetually shoots. In the first mode, other tanks move in, and basically, it is literally a battle for survival, with points being awarded for destroying the quickly-replicating enemies. The game has arcade elements, foremost in the digital representation of small colorful dots that appear randomly, and that act as power-ups when “collected” by driving over them. These power-ups are quite varied, but still what one would expect: stuff like weapon upgrades, shields, repair/health packets and even stuff like nukes that are effective in disposing of the enemy.

I like the way the different modes are linked with regards to the unlocking mechanism, and the simplicity of the game overall. On the play side, I’m not overly enamored of the controls; it works, but I tend to dislike drag controls, because they tend to cover a good portion of the screen in landscape.

All in all though, it is a better — far better — than average, and simple elegance of the graphics and gameplay mostly cover the distractions.

Boom! Tanks Review

Boom! Tanks Review

Jul 11, 2014

Nothing soothes the nerves like a good virtual tank battle, and Boom! Tanks looks like a compelling option in the tested genre.

The game boils down to tank battle via attrition. The early going explains the basics of the gameplay and associated elements. In a nutshell, the players tank has a designated enemy unit that it must get its sights on. When this is accomplished, one has to fire while absorbing damage from the event tank. The end goal is to destroy said tank before it destroys the players machine.

The sighting mechanism is intuitive without being too simplistic, and involves the use of a moving target that needs to be lined up with a targeting icon on the enemy unit; thankfully, the game gives valuable cues to let the player know when perfect aim has been achieved. And then both tanks engage.

Each tank has a life bar, and they are depleted by hits. When one is completely emptied out, the battle ends with boom1the victor and the vanquished. If the player is the former, the spoils of war include a game cash payout (based on performance and bonuses), which is great for the upgrades which become quite necessary down the line. The player also gets experience points, and can play unlocked newer opponents, each with unique tank commanders.

The upgrade mechanism is fairly straightforward, and affords players the ability to get better equipment with more competitive attributes. In some cases, picking a specific tank can give a boost in one category, but may lack significantly in another; for instance, reload time is a serous issue. Picking a tank with rapid fire fixes this deficiency, but at the cost of better armor. Multiplayer feens will like that play option, and the leveling element gives it a another challenge angle. The tanks can be customized, and there are several iconic ones too.

The graphics are superb, with excellent use of visual perspective and faux lighting, and several different scenes ranging from icy landscapes to desert locales. The sub-menus feel a bit over-involved in places, and the accumulation of game money is glacial; real money can be used. I do think it feels a bit one-dimensional, outside the game modes provided.

For basic, unadulterated tank battle fun, it is a better-than-decent offering that had just the right amount of escalating challenge.

Doodle Tank Battle Review

Doodle Tank Battle Review

Mar 28, 2014

Doodle Tank Battle brings simple battle to the world of tank conflict.

There are two main modes, Campaign and Endless. Using Campaign as the initial play mode, one can use the tutorial to gain familiarity. The playing area is designed to be used in top-down fashion, with the home tank being green, and the red tanks signifying enemy units. The tanks are simple, genial affairs; the terrain differs slightly from level to level, but mostly retain the same design elements.

The control layout can be tweaked, but by default there is a liberal joystick on the left, and tapping on the right incites firing. The controls are responsive, and everything on this end is fairly intuitive.do1

The gameplay is your basic tank fighting fare: wipe out the enemy life-bars before they eliminate that of the home tank. Doing this means evading enemy fire and maneuvering to get into the best position to dispatch the enemy machinery. There is a cool mapping utility at the very top of the play screen that shows enemy targets in relation to the home tank, and there is also a base, and destroying it allows the green guy to finish and move on.

Finishing spits out stars, points and gold coins. The gameplay is leveled, and success in one opens up the next; previous levels can be repeated as well. Coins can be used for upgrades… things like firepower that is more rapid in nature and more lethal, and armor, as well as exhaustible power-ups like threeway shooters, a shield or an airstrike. Real cash can be used to get stuff (and/r remove ads), but does not feel mandatory to enjoy.

All in all, it’s an easy game to like. It’s straightforward, and the game UI gets better at suitable intervals. The control set feels a bit tight, but I do like the ability to switch stuff around. As an added bonus, the game is MOGA-ready.

For a free-to-play entry, it’s hard to turn away from.

TurretCrunch Review

TurretCrunch Review

Jan 27, 2014

It is a mystery, why most of the games that are built using the Unity game engine look so subpar. It’s cool that people experiment with creating games in 3D, and I know that it’s a lot more difficult than just drawing some sprites, but if you’re going to ask a full price for the game, I’m going to expect something comparable to the other paid games. I don’t mean treating me to an Avatar’s worth of 3D graphics. But at least include some nice special effects or enemies that don’t look like they were created from clay by a 5 year old on crack. There are plenty of dashing titles that I can choose from that are a lot cheaper than these sorts of games.

In TurretCrunch, the player takes control of a tank, leaving a question of why the game is called TurretCrunch, open. This tank rides around a small, plain area, and shoots around the place, defending itself against the attacks of various clay nightmares that are coming in waves. After destroying enough of them, the tank gets a level-up, and the player can choose to upgrade one of its characteristics. There are lots of tanks to unlock and upgrade, both while onTurretCrunch 2 the level, and in the menu, using the carrots that you collect. Yes, you are collecting carrots, because in TurretCrunch, you play for some weird, tiny creatures that use carrots, apples and other greens in heavy warfare. And they said vegetables aren’t a product of animal suffering. Anyway, the gameplay is quite decent, although the game is graphically so bad that it actually affects the gameplay, since some monsters behave quite strangely, and you don’t know when you are supposed to shoot them. Although, the controls are a bit uncomfortable, although I can’t put my finger on what’s the problem.

As always, my issue with the game isn’t that it looks poorly, or isn’t really exciting. It’s that it has all of these issues, and asks for two bucks as a price. That’s right, it’s not free-to-play at all, it’s a demo that costs two bucks to upgrade to a complete version. I’m not saying it’s very unreasonable, or that TurretCrunch can’t be enjoyed, but I do expect more from the paid games. Heck, I expect more from the free ones, either.

Tank Battles Rolling Onto Android

Tank Battles Rolling Onto Android

Nov 15, 2013

Tank Battles 1
Gameloft’s Tank Battles is a top-down tank battle simulator that delivers exactly what you’d expect from it. It’s an arcade game through and through, with simple rules of engagement, but lots of crazy levels and setups. Tank Battles also contains 80+ single-player levels, and a heated multi-player. The game can be downloaded for free from here: Tank Battles on Google Play.

Tanktastic – 3D Tanks Online Review

Tanktastic – 3D Tanks Online Review

Sep 26, 2013

Porches. Lamborghinis McLarens.

All infinitely cool, but I dare anyone to show me a guy who hasn’t wanted to rock a tank at least once. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

For folks who can’t or won’t do a 4-year bid just to do some infantry driving, Tanktastic is a relatively safe alternative that brings team combat, tactics and good old speed of accurate firing to bear.

Jumping into a random group battle mostly describes the gameplay in all its muscled glory. The task is dropped into a terrain with different types of structured obstacles, and several other manned tanks. It’s a shameless free for all that measures speed, accuracy and cunning. The controls are straightforward, and encourage quick movement and tanks1shooting; I felt most comfortable with dual thumb controls.

It felt like a virtual form of paintball, only this game plays out with heavy machinery. There is a mapping feature that aired a view of my tank in relation to nearby tanks; the home tank is one color, bogeys are a different color. It’s possible to zoom in and swing the turret around, and shooting is effected my tapping the weapon button. After that, the biggest things are moving around and watching one’s six. Special packages (like health bonuses) appear and have to be “run into” with the tank so as to be collected.

Experience and action yields game coinage that can be used to unlock tanks. Beyond the “basic” one at the beginning, there are plenty that have impressive attributes that can be purchased. Without real cash, it seems like it does take a while to garner enough game cash “naturally.”

My biggest gripe has to do with the playability. The direction control acted a bit iffy, which is not optimal when an enemy combatant is bearing down on the tank. I found it to easier to keep my left thumb pressed down on the direction toggle permanently.

All in all, the multiplayer functionality makes this one a winner. I like that you can play with friends, or play randomly with built-in text chat.

And I get to drive a tank.

Air Patriots Review

Air Patriots Review

Jan 2, 2013

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If any developer wants a piece of the Android tower defense pie, said developer must come correct. It could be said that even more important than just glitzy graphics and slick animations, the elements of the game have to be tweaked to keep people’s attention.

Well, Amazon (via Lemon Team) throws its hat into the tower defense gaming ring with Air Patriots, a creative, somewhat daring take on the gaming favorite.

The base gameplay is familiar. I, the off-screen puppeteer, directed a squadron of planes tasked with preventing enemy tanks from getting from point A to B. My squadron comprised of planes of different capabilities and rates of creation. Now, what makes Air Patriots unique is how my units move. Basically, they were planes… they moved around, and I could also use my finger to give them a flight path of limited length. There were two, windy paths for the tanks to take; as to be expected, different tanks had different values: varying degrees of armor, speed and such. I was able to carve out a flight path with my finger, and my plane did the shooting when in range. When the life bar on the tank was completely drained, the tank was destroyed. Sometimes, the the destroyed/disappearing tanks left behind parts for a while that I had to claim quickly by tapping; such parts could be used for my own equipment.

Different types of planes and weapons were created for usage at different rates, and tapping the ready ones deployed them immediately into play. Now, packing as many planes as possible into the playing grid wasn’t always productive; the developer made it possible for planes to collide with one another, meaning that flight plans could be interfered with inadvertently by my own planes.

Leveling up increased the play factors. Graphically, the game was well done, incorporating nice animations and fitting sounds. The in-app purchasing system was convenient but non-essential.

All in all, it was a fun game that is well worth the reputation.