Toodledo gets update

Toodledo gets update

May 21, 2017

Cross-platform task manager Toodledo is giving its Android port a feature update.


+ For Android 7.1, added App Shortcut (tap and hold)
+ Added a nicer Tag picker
+ Fixed bug with repeating tasks skipping 2 days
+ Fixed bug with hotlist and certain timezone
+ Dividers display with proper capitalization and hand long titles properly
+ Added option to force syncing from app to website
+ Improved how links are handled inside a task’s note

Toodledo is free on Google Play.

Regularly Review

Regularly Review

Sep 11, 2012

Sooo many to do list manager apps are out there for Android devices. Figuring out which one will work well for an individual is not the easiest thing to do (bad pun intended). One of the common complaints I hear (other than about my bad old man puns) is how task managers and to-do list managers aren’t so flexible in how the reminders operate. Regularly is a slightly different kind of task to-do list manager for Android.

The reason Regularly is different than the other to-do list managers is how the reminders work. For starters, when the app is first opened, Regularly asks which of the pre-made tasks should be added. Some of the pre-made tasks are clean out the car, mop the floor, change toothbrush and the most important one… call mom.

Sure these can be added to any of the large number of to-do list apps out there. What’s cool about Regularly is the intervals available. Most apps let a reoccurring reminder be set for a day, a week, a month or a year later, Regularly has an option for a custom time period in days is available along with an irregular reminder setting. The irregular setting just puts the task in the list with no actual reminder.

An additional feature of Regularly is the log built into each to-do item. Since the tasks are reoccurring, there needs to be some sort of record when the task is completed. Say for example the Change car oil reminder, one of the pre-made tasks, goes off. Once the task is complete, perhaps the mileage from the odometer can be listed in the notes as a reminder of when it was last changed.

In the end, any to-do list app needs to be easy to use and fit into the daily routine of the user or it will not feel like a useful tool; it will feel like a chore.

SystemPanel App / Task Manager Review

SystemPanel App / Task Manager Review

Aug 24, 2010

Ever wonder just how much ram is being used by your apps? How about what speed your processor is running at RIGHT now? Want to magically increase your battery life with one simple click? Sorry that last one just ‘aint gonna happen. SystemPanel App will certainly tell you whats going on with your Android phone, though—and in great detail at that. However, just what use it holds, especially with the changes in the way Froyo manages memory, is not really clear.

The SystemPanel app has a gauge on its main screen for just about every aspect of your phone’s internals. At the top, there are pie charts for CPU percentage, memory, and storage, along with bars with CPU clock clock speed, and network traffic. These gauges update in real time—just do some scrolling in the app and you’ll see the CPU gauge jump up. Prominently displayed below that is a list of active applications and their memory usage. At the bottom there are three large buttons: one for refreshing the data, end all tasks, and menu.