TAYL Review

TAYL Review

May 13, 2014

With TAYL, the name all but says it all.

There are three modes to enjoy: Arcade, Chaos and Evolution; the game premise is to help the glowing Tayl defeat its enemies, and to understand its enemies, one must sorta understand the playing area. It is a 2D grid with several enemy objects flying aggressively, and these objects are all lethal to Tayl if they make contact with it. Thus, one part of the game is to move around and avoid these objects, which mostly have differing attributes such as speed and intelligence. Tayl is moved by dragging a finger across the screen, as it follows that continuous gesture.

It ain’t all about defense though; Tayl’s strength is its comet-like tail that has destructive properties. When thetay1 enemy make contact with it, they are destroyed. The tail is not permanent, and fizzles out when Tayl is not moving, so the key is to keep moving. In many ways, the game rewards daring. Because of the way the tail works, it is more effective to get as close to the enemy objects while trying to leave the deadly trail in their path. It is easier said than done.

The challenge is dealing with the increasingly sophisticated enemy, while keeping an eye out for the power-ups (hello, shooting tail) which begin to appear as time passes. This one is all about leaderboard supremacy, as dispatching the enmy and scoring combos leads to higher scores that can be recorded.

I’m not the biggest fan of the control mechanism; sometimes the protagonist can get lost under the hand. Still, I liked the option of being able to tweak the sensitivity. Kudos to the developer for going the extra length and making a free version to go along with a $0.99, ad-free build.

Can’t go wrong with a simple game that is engaging. TAYL mostly delivers on both fronts.