My Fairy Pony Review

My Fairy Pony Review

Aug 22, 2013

Yes, there was a time I knew what to do and, and how to act. I grew up with only brothers, so I’m well inculcated with the Guy Code. Nothing fazed me, I was self assured.

Then I got married, and had daughters. My life had never been the same.

Girls… The pretty angels that have you wrapped around their fingers even while contentedly telling the work how soft their dad’s tummy is.

But being a dad of girls grows on you, so much so that guys like me can get to gender-specific like games like like My Fairy Pony.pony1

It’s all about customization. “Blank” ponies have palettes that allow for interesting combinations. Manes, coat and even eyelash accoutrements could be tweaked extensively. Pink pony with green eyes and a multicolored mop that can be named Minaj? This game can hello make it happen.

The rest of the game is mostly about watching the animals roam independently and exploring. There are chests of goodies that appear, and tapping them opens them to reveal the contents, which are usually either a carrot or a customization attribute. Another tap on the object then “formally” claims it. Multiple animals can be active at the same time, and there is an animal switcher at the bottom right that allows the animals to be toggled through.

All in all, when it comes to the visual aspects of this game, it is a little kid’s dream. There is an ever-present whimsical feel to the game that is reflected in the 3-D graphics and the bright colors. The fantasy pony land is a cross between friendly forest and cozy country land, and the combination is kryptonite for young people. The animations worked well within the context of the game, but I did feel they could be smoother.

The game’s biggest strength — its simplicity — might be a drawback of sorts, in that the mindless fun might come across as a lack of sophistication that might leave older players a tad unfulfilled. Still, it’s an engaging title that, at the very least, can lead to a lot of binding time.

And yes, my pony really has green eyes. So there.