The Moron Test Review

The Moron Test Review

Sep 17, 2010

I was fairly skeptical about purchasing this game for several reasons. First, the name is somewhat insulting, seeing as though a “moron” is an actual (if not antiquated) term for someone with mental difficulties. Second, I’m not really eager to find out that I am, indeed, a moron.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, by The Moron Test. In fact, I’ve played it for a while now, and I’ve been at parties where my phone is being passed around, with friends cheer or moan when they pass or fail the “test.”

The Moron Test is half test, half game, and half puzzle. For some reason, I had difficulty passing this test. Maybe you’ll have better luck. The premise is that screen after screen features a seemingly simple task to complete. For example, there will be two buttons, one red, and one blue. The instructions will read, “Don’t push the blue button, then push the red button.” Most people won’t read carefully enough to not push the blue button. As you progress through the test, you’ll start fires, stack up icecream cones, and more. Sometimes the game will use the accelerometer, requiring you to flip or shake your phone to get the answer to a certain puzzle. Wordplay, double negatives, and more forces you to pay attention, or fail. Failing the test will boot you back to the last checkpoint, and failing three times will push you back to the beginning of the level. If english isn’t your first language, this game won’t be an enjoyable experience. For example, if you struggle with the different between hair and a hare, you’re in trouble.

Don’t let the word “test” scare you away from this game. It’s fast paced and creative. Each school-themed level will make you pull out your hair in frustration, but will you’ll laugh and go at it again. You can share your scores and times on Facebook, and challenge your Android-owning friends to beat your score.

Replay value is moderately high. You won’t be able to put this game down, until you beat it. I’ve played through the first three levels, but am struggling with the last. The Moron Test is creative, fun, and priced perfectly at $.99, Grab it!