About that impromptu toughness test…

About that impromptu toughness test…

Jan 16, 2018

There is nothing — NOTHING — sexy about those insane drop tests. You know, the ones where the geek with the masochist streak lets admittedly increasingly fragile devices drop to the floor… supposedly to see how well they react to the clumsiness that occurs in the real world. I think it takes a twisted individual to be able to do this, but there is a place for ruggedness testing. These tech gizmos aren’t cheap, and even the most careful of us can have our plans for device longevity thwarted by the innocent gestures of a kid borrowing one’s phone to catch an episode of Super Y.

Stuff happens.

I come across all sorts of gadgets, and have the privilege of getting to try out dozens of products in any single category. Consequently, when I did pick a device, it is usually one that I can truly call the best for my needs at that time.

Like my earpiece of choice, the Jabra Eclipse. Sleek, light, effective, with a portable charging case to boot. I use it for calls, music and podcasts, and frankly, I baby the precious unit.

Till my laundry mishap last week.

Hey, I always check my pockets for gadgets. It’s a big reason I tend to do the laundry myself, actually; a soaked phone would cause me to swoon. Somehow, I messed up. I remember making a late addition to the load: a light jacket I’d worn out earlier in the day. It had the Eclipse and case in it. It went through the wash and dryer cycles, and I didn’t discover it till I got the clothes out to iron.

Ugh… my heart dropped when I saw the case at the bottom of the barrel. It took me a little while to locate the earpiece, which was magnetically stuck to the top of the dryer. Physically, it looked fine, but I just knew it would never work again.

But hey, I plugged in the charging case, and slapped in the earpiece. It started charging. What? After a half hour, it was working. Flawlessly.

So that’s my story of the Impromptu Toughness Test. Well done, Jabra.

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Upcoming Game Vainglory Launches Closed Beta

Upcoming Game Vainglory Launches Closed Beta

Mar 6, 2015

Vainglory, an upcoming Android multiplayer online title from Super Evil Megacorp, is giving folks the opportunity to request to test the game out early.

Per a Super Evil Blog posting:

We’re starting with a closed beta program designed to get your feedback on how Vainglory for Android plays on your device. Throughout and following this beta, we will refine the experience until the Android VG Community tells us we’re ready for prime time. This won’t be overnight, and we know we still have quite a bit of work ahead. You won’t see Vainglory on Google Play until our bar for quality and gameplay has been met.

To get into the beta, interested parties are asked to sign up here.

According to the same posting, Super Evil Megacorp will be offering a first look at Vainglory during the ongoing PAX East, which runs from March 6-8th 2015.

[Source: Super Evil Blog Post]

play2prep Turns SAT and ACT Test Studying into a Game, Literally

play2prep Turns SAT and ACT Test Studying into a Game, Literally

May 12, 2014

play2prep is a new app that hopes to make studying for those dastardly SAT and ACT tests a little easier by making it into a Words with Friends style of game. Players can take on their friends and others by trying to answer questions and earn points for doing so, with daily questions to encourage coming back to the app again and again. play2prep is available now from Google Play.