Free App Recap December 4th – SMS Replacement Apps

Free App Recap December 4th – SMS Replacement Apps

Dec 4, 2012

I’ll just come out and say it, the pre-installed text messaging application on Android devices is not great. Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of replacements to download in the Google Play Store. The SMS replacement applications in the list all add features. Something important to do whenever adding a replacement text messaging application is to shut off the notifications for the pre-installed text messaging application. If this isn’t done, there will be dual notifications for each incoming text message.


GO SMS Pro adds a ton of extra features. Some of the cool features are Scheduling SMS messages, a pop-up box notifying of incoming messages, filesharing, Security lock, blacklisting numbers and a lot more. Like with any other GO application, there are tons of different skins available. The different skins don’t necessarily change the operation, they just change the cosmetics. Other plug-ins are also available to add more faces and characters or add languages.

Download GO SMS Pro

chomp SMS

chomp SMS has some features common to the other two applications in the list like pop-up replies and themes.What I like about chomp SMS is the Quick Compose Shortcut. This feature makes it easy to quickly reply to a text message. A great feature is the Passcode Lock. Without a doubt, some text messages are intensely personal. Having a built-in option to lock the messaging app is great. Another reason to download chomp SMS is it has every iPhone emoji.

Download chomp SMS

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is super popular. The password protect feature here is super nice because it can hide individual messages with the Privacy Box. For the person who sends a lot of group messages, Handcent SMS ups the Android SMS limit from 100 to 1100 per hour. Aside from the usual customization, Handcent SMS allows mimicking of other manufacturers preinstalled SMS apps.

Download Handcent SMS

Text Groups and Blacklist People with POWOW

Text Groups and Blacklist People with POWOW

May 22, 2012

Handmark, publisher of various games and creators of Go SMS, have launched their newest SMS replacement app for Android, POWOW. There’s a few features that try to push this above the gaggle of other SMS replacement apps out there. Most importantly, this app is designed for group texts, allowing users to easily send texts to up to 10 people at once. This makes it easier to communicate with groups of friends, coordinating plans like going out at night in a much easier way than through the default Android messaging app. The app supports the current messaging list, MMS transmission, and an easy one-tap button for speech-to-text input.

But what might be the best feature of POWOW? The ability to blacklist people. SMS spammers being annoying? Blacklist them! Is that ex that still texting, and it’s for everyone’s benefit if their text messages just don’t pop up? Then blacklist them. The app is a free ad-supported download, and has a $4.99 in-app purchase to disable ads.

MobiTexter Review

MobiTexter Review

Mar 29, 2012

There are certain situations in which a mobile phone user has to be away from their phone to work on their desktop computer. However, in this digitally connected world, this certain user might still need to communicate with SMS using their phone.

MobiTexter is an innovative way to send and receive SMS on a desktop computer through their website, For this to work, one simply has to install the phone app, register using his Google account, and sync contacts and SMS. Note that the app will not sync SMS that was previously sent before installing it. To view and reply to incoming SMS, one needs to go to in their desktop browser. Once logged in, the user is able to view incoming SMS and reply accordingly.

This app is pretty impressive because of its simplicity and how one doesn’t need to have advanced technical skills to use it. The sync process is a breeze and the interface is as simple as it gets. The app’s interface does not really need to be perfect since it’s used for syncing the phone’s contacts and SMS and the user would most likely spend more time with the desktop computer and the Mobitexter website.

The website, however, is also too minimalist – maybe a little too much. The setup is pretty basic and there’s not much navigating one can do other than read and reply to SMS. Although it is great that the contacts auto-complete when typing a name in the To field, which is close to how it works on a phone.

Although it does sync the phone’s SMS since the app was installed, it will not sync any deleted messages made on the site to reflect on the phone. Hence, deleting messages will not prove productive if it only deletes it in the website’s interface but not on the phone.

Overall, Mobitexter is a great solution when the situation calls for it. There might be some users who are wary of allowing an app to access their SMS Inbox, so this app is not for everyone – and most definitely not for daily use. Surely the developers have some sort of protection against possible hacking but one can’t be too careful – especially with Android’s open source nature. With these considerations in mind, one simply has to use with caution and only when it is absolutely necessary. At the end of the day, the app does deliver what it promised without any frills.

The Hills Are Greener: I Come To Bury The Telephone

The Hills Are Greener: I Come To Bury The Telephone

Feb 27, 2012

The cell phone providers’ days are numbered. They can try to fight all they want to continue to sell voice, messaging, and data subscriptions as separate products, but their futures are all the same: as dumb pipes that just carry information provided by other services. The technology to replace their costly voice and messaging services already exist, and connections are only getting faster. Soon, all people will need to communicate is a logical hookup to data services, which is what the providers will, well, provide. They may still make money off of subsidizing phones at yearly contracts, but this will be their funciton entirely.

Pretty much the only thing holding us back is a reliance on phone numbers and their cross-platform interoperability. No matter what operating system they use, a phone number is a phone number and it will receive its phone calls and text messages no matter what. However, the idea of having one unified contact point may be dead in a generation or so as social networking and those handles become more used. We use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services to get in touch with the people we need to so often now that phone numbers are decreasing in importance, and it’s even already affecting the carriers’ bottom lines as far as text messaging goes. We can get the same kind of direct, real-time notifications that phone numbers give us, and non-telephone voice and video communication are only getting more popular.

Apple, in their attempts to bring everyone forward, may be the ones holding back this dream. iMessage is closed off to everyone. FaceTime is still not open. Google’s branded Google Talk products are simply just branded versions of the XMPP protocol that anyone can implement to work with their accounts. Like Apple, who have Google Talk implemented into iChat, along with the variety of apps that openly support it as well, through the Jingle video protocols. Android users can easily communicate with anyone using the protocols that Google has built-in; Apple wants people to use Apple products and Apple protocols.

Perhaps this is room for a startup to take advantage of, to disrupt and supplant phone numbers, to find a way to unify all these disparate communications systems, to create one unified handle for people to use that could work with whatever text, voice, and video messaging system the user wishes. Right now, we are simply in a transitional period where the growing pains of new technology are clashing with the standards of old technology. But growing pains are not forever. It will just take someone with a service that is inventive and useful enough to solve this problem of disunification.

ChompSMS Review

ChompSMS Review

Feb 22, 2012

These days, SMS apps on smartphones are must-have for people who communicate more through text messaging than making phone calls. For Android, there are tons of free SMS apps in the Market and it can get pretty confusing. So we’ll help out by reviewing ChompSMS, a sleek, powerful messaging app. ChompSMS is a robust replacement for the phone’s native messaging app. It offers more options for maximum performance and functionality for text messaging.

The first thing to notice when beginning to use ChompSMS is its smooth performance. Scrolling through conversation lists and messages is a pleasant experience with the speed and fluidity this app delivers. It’s also a breeze to open and reply to messages and the app never had a lag as I was using it for this review. Even long messages that took a while to open with other SMS apps, ChompSMS had no problem pulling up in a fraction of a second.

The app has a simple and straightforward interface. There are free themes that can be downloaded from the Market, and even those are also quite toned down and minimalist in design. Like its competitors, ChompSMS also offers some ability to customize the overall look of the app such as manually changing the look and feel of the conversation lists.

Although ChompSMS offers similar customization functions as other apps, these are rather basic and lack the variety offered by other apps such as GoSMS or Handcent. However, these extras may be necessary for the app to function as fast as it does.

To compensate for the lack of customization options, ChompSMS has options not found in other apps, such as configuring the phone’s physical buttons to send or reply to messages. With Quick Compose, it is possible to choose between the phone’s camera or search button to compose and send a text message without going into the app itself. Another feature that’s unique to this app is ChompSMS credits. It allows you to buy these credits for lower rates when sending SMS worldwide. This may not be applicable to everyone, but it’s a handy option to have in any case.

When it comes down to it, ChompSMS is a notable contender for a fully functional and powerful SMS app albeit sparse in extra tricks. For users that prefer speed over design and stability over fluff, then ChompSMS is the app to try – and stick with.