The Collider Review

The Collider Review

Jun 24, 2014

The Collider is a game of extreme survival: flying down a tunnel, players must try to fly through obstacles, collecting coins, and getting as far as possible. The game is just perhaps too challenging to be much fun over the long-term.

The developer claims on the Google Play page for the game that it’s not “pay-to-win,” and I have a big problem with this because this game is actually a key example of what pay-to-win is: spending more money in order to progress further in a game. The coins are used to buy continues, and I was pretty much only able to unlock the 1300 speed by using multiple continues. The continues don’t cost too much, and it’s possible to play some early-level games in order to grind for more coins, but still, this is the exact model that Hodappy Bird used in a satirical way. It is pay-to-win. Not a terrible way of doing “pay-to-win” but it still is that.


I think the scoring is a problem: it’s based purely on top speed reached, and not on including other factors like coins collected, or total game length (for those who start from 100). It’s too straightforward, especially as 1300 speed is basically nigh-impossible. How anyone can last long at that speed is kind of mind-blowing. It’s a shame, because of the way that it tracks high scores and rewards top daily players. There’s video replays, but Everyplay doesn’t make it easy to see top videos for this game. And I don’t think that it’s possible to share videos in the Android version of The Collider, either.

The game is available for free, and has a paid version for $1.00. The difference between the two is solely that the paid version gets rid of ads as well as the ships which serve as an energy timer. It’s well worth the dollar for people who enjoy the game.

I just think that The Collider could be a lot better. Level patterns are way too random, with some much easier, and the game gets way too fast way too quickly to be much fun at a certain speed. I think the high scores and speed progression could be a lot better. The controls are okay, but perhaps not as forgiving as dragging around on a touchscreen needs to be. This is a game that can be fun for a bit – but only those who can handle its extreme challenge will like it.