The Island: Castaway Review

The Island: Castaway Review

Jul 31, 2012

The fans of LOST and other “stuck on an island” type shows will have a good time with The Island: Castaway. The basis is the same as a lot of movies and TV shows. A ship wrecks and the characters are forced to survive with what they have or can find on the island.

In the beginning, the main character is looking for fruit to eat and slowly learning to do simple things like cook and fish. As the game moves on, craftier ways of acquiring food are learned. The Native American character is quite the survivalist, which comes in super handy. He helps with challenges like building a raft and building different devices to trap animals and crabs.

In the second level a girl washes up on shore but needs to find her daughter. When searching for her daughter, island inhabitants are discovered. They villagers on the island are a great help. They teach Tom, the main character, how to hunt and gives him a bow. The arrows either need to be made or bought though.

The controls are pretty simple to use. To move Tom, tap the area of the screen where he should go. If he needs to interact with people or something, tap the person, animal or object to interact with and he will do the rest. As Tom collects the food and other objects, they can be viewed along with the tasks he is asked to do. I found it easiest to start collecting everything I could right from the beginning because it was all needed at some point in the game. This included food, logs, pearls and twigs.

While the game is super fun, after the second level, the full version must be purchased to continue. They game lets you play enough to get the hang of it then asks you to buy it. The Island: Castaway is pretty long and worth the couple of dollars it will cost to buy.