The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Due Out on Android this Month

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Due Out on Android this Month

Oct 22, 2015

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the official game based on The Walking Dead TV seroies on AMC, is due out on Android later this month.

Guided by fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon, voiced in-game by TV show actor Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land delivers gripping turn-based combat, engaging character progression, and exclusive content from season six of “The Walking Dead.” Beginning with an escape from the grim Terminus train yard, players must fight walkers and build up their own safe haven to survive. The game features six classes and multiple unique characters, each with different abilities and strengths.

The game is due out on October 29th; folks can pre-register on the game’s Google Play page.

The Walking Dead Pinball Review

The Walking Dead Pinball Review

Oct 8, 2014

The Walking Dead Pinball goes to show that two rights can make a wrong.

If you haven’t heard of the Walking Dead by now, than it is possible you have been sleeping for the past couple of years. The franchise, once only a comic book and now grown in to a TV series and multiple games, is massive and keeps on going forward. Zen Pinball, creators of my most memorable digital pinball experience to date, created a game I never saw coming: a pinball version of the point-and-click story-driven drama game from Telltale Games. And I’m not sure if I like it.


So on one hand, we’ve got the best pinball game developer there is and on the other hand we’ve got Telltale, making sure we get to play the Walking Dead video game out there. But combined… well, let’s just say that it isn’t a winning formula. This pinball machine (you can download it separately or withing the existing Zen Pinball app) offers story driven gameplay, including making some choices, but it always leads to unnecessary distractions or unclear goals.

But the base of the game, the pinball machine itself, is how it is supposed to be. It is the pinball magic we’ve come to know and love by now. It man, does the game look great – it has the same graphical appeal of the Walking Dead game bij Telltale, so you’re in for a treat. But like I said, the game does offer a great deal of distraction, making you loose a ball when you think your attention is need elsewhere – but the fact is, you always need to focus on the ball, otherwise it is gone.

And another thing I found quite… odd: there is the option to ball an extra pack of pinballs, a dollar per three, when you’re game over. I understand Zen Pinball found a extra way to make a quick buck, but it defiles the basic rules of pinball. The rule that game over is game over, that you’ve just lost your points and that you can always try again, next time. This just feels wrong.

The Walking Dead: Assault Review

The Walking Dead: Assault Review

Aug 8, 2013

Some things are simply meant to be. Count The Walking Dead: Assault (yes… from that TV and comic franchise) as one of them.

The allure starts with the artwork, with the ominous monochromes only interrupted by the hopeful color of objects or the fearsome look of enemies. The top-down view works well, and I liked the ability to pinch in and out.

The game action is easy enough to get into. Each normal human being with attacking capabilities has an arc has a perimeter arc that comes into play later. The gameplay is broken into chapters, with successful completion denoting the end of the chapter, and also unlocks the next chapter. The beginning of the game will probably resonate with fans of the franchise: Rick wakes up in the twd1hospital, figures out the zombie apocalypse, and fights for survival.

In the first chapter, the developer does a good job of presenting the game in a slow format that explains sundries like single player movement, gathering supplies, managing resources and disposing of “biters.” All in all, the tasks are logical: explore the surroundings, gather the marked materials, decrease the life-bars of the zombies before they decrease yours, and any other tasks assigned. Movement is controlled by tapping the space to make a single character move to that space, or holding to make all teammates move to that area.

The green arcs mentioned earlier makes sense here; if a zombie is in range of the circle, the character(s) controlled shoot (or use whichever weapon is currently selected) on them automatically.

At the beginning of each level, teams can be chosen. Players can be unlocked with the game currency that is accumulated during game play, but real cash can be used to expedite stuff. The game coins and/or real cash can also be used to increase attributes like ammo capacity and health.

For folks tied into Google+ and the optional sign-in to that service will be welcome. The game also has options to adjust music, sound effects and some of the controls, so while the option set is the biggest in gaming, it touches the major stuff.

All in all, it is a cool game that does its franchise proud.