The Wolf Among Us Review

The Wolf Among Us Review

Nov 6, 2014

After a stupid exclusive deal with Amazon, The Wolf Among Us is finally out on Android. Was it worth the wait?

The Wolf Among Us is a game by Telltale Games, a developer we all know and love thanks to the awesome series The Walking Dead. The Wolf Among Us is also a episodic game. Now it is out on Android, you can get the first part for free and buy the rest of the parts via in-app purchase. In the game, we follow Bigby Wolf, none other than the Big Bad Wolf, in his quest to uncover the truth behind a gruesome murder. We won’t go in to too much details here, because of spoilers.


Just know that the combination of storytelling and gameplay are as ever intwined as it was the case with The Walking Dead series. The thing I always liked about The Wolf Among Us (or Fables comics or even the tv series Once Upon A Time) is that the characters aren’t what they seem to us – the way we know them by stories told by our (grand)parents through fairytale books. It is always a surprise to see a character in a different role – but perhaps not to different, when looking at an origin story.

Anyway, I’m slowly fading away from the main point. This first gem of episodic content is one you should play. Why wouldn’t you; it is free, after all. I know for sure you will be hooked – even if it is your second time. Because now you cannot only take the adventure with you on those long plane of train rides, but it is also possible to decide different things within the same situations, resulting in a different outcome. Maybe not as a game al together, but for your own experience.

So if you aske me to download the game as a whole, I say yes. Especially when it is your first time with the series. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by what you see on you (small) screen – I mean that figurative and litteraly. The game looks very good on you smartphone and tablet and – when you’re a first timer – you’ll be amazed by the story. So go and check it out.