Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Hardware Review

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Hardware Review

Feb 11, 2016

The more mobile we become as a civilization, the more we get to see connected devices. Yes, it does take a while for critical mass to be achieved with regards to some solutions, but there are several that make plenty of sense in present times.

The key is using one’s smartphone and/or tablet as a hub of sorts… not only to maybe power the peripheral, but definitely to collate and manage data on the go.

When it comes to the special category of health connected devices, there are several products on the market. Still, what is more crucial to healthy living and medical diagnoses than a thermometer? And, when it comes easy-to-understand health vicks7solutions, what has better cachet then Vicks?

With the Vicks SmartTemp Wireless Smartphone Thermometer, one gets said company potentially bringing a useful product to market.

The review package we got reveals the product in its retail manifestation; it’s tightly wrapped, with the thermometer itself, paperwork and a cover. The thermometer itself look much like a home use medical thermometer, with a slightly bulbous top that tapers into a probe. One pertinent detail, there isn’t a digital display on this. The surface is covered in hard plastic, and there is a battery compartment built in, and a prominent power button at the very top. It feels well fused and intuitively easy to handle, and is also bluetooth-enabled.

The thermometer uses an app for connectivity, and this app — Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer app on Google Play — is really the base of all operations. It’s a clean app, and surprisingly functional; it allows for one to link to the device via aforementioned bluetooth, and to create separate profiles, which is perfect for families. One can also select from three body locations, and then one can get to checking heat.

The thermometer beeps to signal completion, and it uses bright colors to denote healthy temperatures. When a temperature is taken, one can attach extra data, like symptoms and medications. The app itself has a reference chart, and allows for temperatures to be taken in both centigrade and fahrenheit.

The “on” button can be preclude one-handed operation, but the biggest drawback probably derives from its biggest attribute: app connectivity. See, with no display, the unit truly needs the companion app, and really can’t be used without it. Bummer, if one’s device is out of reach or out of commission.

Still, it works remarkably well, and is great as self-help unit. It is quite simple to use, and easy to depend on.

KickStarter Spotlight: BBiQ

KickStarter Spotlight: BBiQ

Jul 17, 2013

Even though summer time is about halfway over there is still a lot of grilling left to do. With the joy of grilling for family and friends comes the eventual pressure of making sure every steak, burger, or leg is cooked to perfection. Now, the usual solution is to use those digital thermometers, but those inherently involve being tied down to the grill constantly monitoring internal temperature. Well my friends, liberation is here. Unshackle from the tyranny of the flames and concentrate on enjoying an afternoon with loved ones. This week’s KickStarter Spotlight focuses in on an inventive new device named the BBiQ which is hoping to secure itself in backyards for years to come.

The BBiQ works by monitoring steaks from a base station with a traditional metal thermometer that is inserted into a meat of choice. This device communicates to any smartphone via Bluetooth and it is on said device that the real computing occurs. Just input the food, including some vegetables, and the BBiQ will send alerts as it gets close to being done or even if it just needs to be flipped. Embedded in the app are cooking temperatures for all the backyard staples, and in the future there will even be recipes and an available shopping list.


One of my favorite features, and one that makes the BBiQ the most flexible grilling tool, is the ability to learn recipes of new foods by monitoring how long and at what temperature the previously unknown item is cooked. Obviously, these “custom recipes” can be shared between friends for future cookouts. Another killer feature is the ability for the BBiQ to aid in the grilling of multiple items; something that is much more common. Simply tell the app what needs to be cooked and the app will recommend which items should go on the grill, in what order, and even the position on the grill itself. The app will even work without it’s base station, even though the wireless functionality is lost.

I, for one, am excited to see this and other similar products begin to populate the markets. Myself being no master of the grill this will be an invaluable tool that will not only allow me to be a better cook, but also a better host. As with most projects we feature here the only way the BBiQ becomes a reality is if it meets its goal. So, head over to the KickStarter page and judge for yourself if the BBiQ is indeed the future of barbecuing.